Does Roller Skaing Burn Calories

Does Roller Skating Burn Calories In 2023 (Complete Guide)

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Does Roller Skaing Burn CaloriesAfter watching a few videos of people roller skating around town, you might also become interested in roller skating and feeling the wind in your hair. However, roller skating is not just a leisure activity that allows you to pass time. Did you know that roller skating can also help burn calories?

We carried out some research and put together some data to learn how this can be possible. Want to learn more? Let’s find out.

Get in a full workout

Roller skating requires you to use your full body and put in a lot of force. This means that roller skating helps you stay active and gets your heart rate up in no time at all. This makes it the perfect cardio workout because you can skate around town and you don’t even need to stay in one boring place.

This activity also allows you to build up your strength and get better at aerobics. Being a low impact sport, it won’t even put too much strain on your legs and you will be able to enjoy your times while getting in a full workout.

How many calories can you burn?

The number of calories you burn while roller skating can vary depending on the kind of roller skating and also your body type. If we consider a general case, if a medium sized person is roller skating at a moderate speed, they will burn around 250 calories if they roller skate for half an hour.

Considering this, you can see that you will burn a lot more calories if you are either going at a higher speed or roller skating for more time. In addition, a person who weighs more is bound to burn more calories while roller skating at the same speed as compared to a skinnier individual. This is because it takes a lot more effort for them to move around and skate.

Caloric deficit

Burning calories will only result in weight loss if you create a calorie deficit. Now you can do this by taking in less calories as compared to the calories that you are burning each day. There are many different ways to achieve a caloric deficit.

Now you can do this by planning a proper workout and diet plan. Make sure you eat healthy and follow this plan properly. It is better to take the help of a nutritional expert while making this plan so that you know that it will help you burn calories and it won’t be dangerous for you. Make sure you start out slow and do not put too much strain on your body.

Which muscles are targeted?

Muscle movements vary in accordance with different types of roller skating. Following is a list of different types of roller skating and the muscles that each type focuses on:

  • Dance skating

Dance skating requires a large amount of core strength and so this type of skating focuses on almost all leg muscles including calves. It also helps improve neuromuscular control which means that it will help you with your posture and movement.

  • Street skating

While street skating or trail skating, you will have to face declines and inclines which means that you will have to adopt particular techniques in order to stay stable. Your glutes, hamstrings and core will be challenged while going uphill whereas while going downhill, your abductors and adductors will be focused on more.

  • Skate-park skating

Skate-parking requires you to carve, pump and droop-in which means that you will be working your core muscles gluteus, hamstring, and quadriceps. In addition, this kind of skating is the most fast paced and challenging which means that it allows you to burn the most calories.

Other physical benefits

Roller skating is a difficult sport that can take a lor of time to master. However, once you learn about all the benefits that it offers, you will be motivated even more to try your hand at it. We have already established that roller skating allows you to burn calories which means that you can burn fat and also tone your body in order to achieve the figure that you want.

However, that is not all. Roller skating doesn’t only burn fats but it also builds endurance, muscle and stamina. This will help you get ore active and be better at other sports. You will also be healthier and it will help you stay away from diseases related to excess fat.

Mental benefits

Nowadays life is getting super stressful be it for students or employees. For this reason, it is important to take on an activity that allows you to decompress. Experts believe that roller skating provides benefits such as better sleep, exhilaration, combatting depression, and stress and anxiety relief.

This is mainly because your mental health is widely related to your physical and health and working on yourself allows you to feel better. When you learn new skills, it helps boost your confidence and you know that you can achieve almost anything.


In conclusion, roller skating is a healthy and adventurous sport that allows you to enjoy your time and also stay active at the same time. In addition, if you plan on burning some calories, it can help you with that too. Now, isn’t that amazing? We hope this article helped answer all you questions and if you have any other questions, you can always reach out to us.

Does Roller Skating Burn Calories FAQs :

      1. Is roller skating good for weight loss?

Answer: Roller skating allows you to burn calories and if you are creating a calories deficit then you will surely be able to lose weight.

       2. Does roller skating help with belly fat?

Answer: Yes, roller skating focuses on your lower body so it does help with belly fat.

       3. Is roller skating a better workout than running?

Answer: Yes, roller skating requires much more effort that running because you are not only moving you body but you are also using your mind to stay balanced.

        4. How many calories does 30 minutes of rollerskating burn?

Answer: Half an hour of roller skating helps burn about 250 calories in an average sized person.

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