How Many Calories Does Ice Skating Burn

How Many Calories Does Ice Skating Burn In 2023 (Complete Guide)

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How Many Calories Does Ice Skating BurnIce skating is a fun activity that may be difficult to master but once you get the hang of things, you will be able to enjoy yourself and adopt a healthy pastime. This activity has multiple benefits that include improving your posture and also toning your muscles.

The best thing about ice skating is that it also allows you to burn calories. This means you can enjoy your time and lose weight all at the same time. Isn’t that absolutely amazing. We carried out extensive research to learn more about this. Read on to learn what we discovered through our research.

Calories burnt through ice skating

A medium sized person who weighs about 180 pounds should burn about 150 calories in 15 minutes, 300 calories in half an hour, 450 calories in 45 minutes, and about 700 calories in an hour through ice skating. However, the number of calories burnt increases for a heavier person for the same duration of ice skating as a heavier person will have to put in more effort to achieve the same results.

Another important factor that determines the number of calories burnt is the duration and intensity of the exercise. If you exercise for the same amount of time but you incorporate more difficult routines and tricks then you will be able to burn more calories.

You could also increase the time you skate in a day. Instead of ice skating for an hour, you could try doing it for 2 or 3 hours per day with small breaks in between. This will allow you to achieve quicker results and burn more calories.

How does ice skating burn calories?

We were also curious about how ice skating can burn so many calories in such a short time. Therefore, we asked some experts and collected some data. We found out that it is a very rigorous and intensive sport that requires a lot of energy. To produce this energy, the body uses stored fat in your body through anerobic and aerobic respiration.

Aerobic respiration is basically the conversion of fats into energy in the presence of oxygen. The body converts the stored calories into energy when oxygenated blood is pumped to the cells. The other kind of respiration is anaerobic respiration where this same process is done but in the absence of oxygen. The fats are burned and converted into energy to allow you to carry out this energy.

Ice skating involves your entire body including hamstring muscles, quadriceps, adductors, gluteus and the core. However, you will face fatigue in the beginning when the body produces lactic acid that results in muscle pain. Your body adapts to this change in a few days and you will find it easier to ice skate for longer durations.

Ice skating results in an increase in your heart rate so blood is pumped faster to all parts of your body. This leads to an increase in the rate of aerobic respiration which means that calories will be burnt faster and you will achieve the desired results very quickly.

Losing weight

Does ice skating only burn calories or can you also lose weight through this activity? You will be thrilled to know that the answer is yes. It is possible to lose weight through ice skating. Weight gain is caused by a slow metabolic rate where your body is taking in more calories but not burning enough. This causes the excess calories to be stored in the form of a fat layer under your skin.

In order to prevent this, you need to some kind of exercise or workout to ensure that your body is burning calories at the same rate, if not more, as they are being ingested. When you ice skate, your body burns the excess fat in your body into energy. This allows you to lose weight through ice skating.

However, in order to actually lose weight, you need to ensure that you are maintaining a caloric deficit where the number of calories ingested is less than the number of calories being burnt on a daily basis. This will allow you to actually burn fat and lose weight.

Other benefits of ice skating

Ice skating isn’t only good for burning calories, it also has various other health benefits. It is a great exercise which does not put a lot of stress on your joints. It also helps you develop muscles such as abs and your calves. This leads to a toned body shape that looks amazing.

You also learn how to remain stable and this helps improve the coordination and body balance. This means that this is not only a workout for your body but also for your mind. It also helps maintain blood pressure, reduce blood cholesterol, improve lung function and also improves the health of your heart.


Ice skating helps you burn a lot of calories and that too in a short time. We conclude that you can burn around 300 to 400 calories by ice skating for half an hour. We hope this article helped you understand all the health benefits of ice skating. We would be glad to answer any other questions that you may have.

How Many Calories Does Ice Skating Burn FAQs :

         1. Is ice skating a good way to burn calories?

Answer: Ice skating is a great way to burn calories as it is safe and also very fun.

          2. Why does ice skating burn so many calories?

Answer: Ice skating allows for quicker respiration that leads to burning of calories.

           3. Does ice skating make you lose weight?

Answer: Yes, if you maintain a caloric deficit, you will be able to lose weight.

             4. Does ice skating burn more calories than walking?

Answer: Yes. Ice skating requires a lot more effort than walking it is much more effective for losing weight.

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