Best Inline Skates For Outdoors

Best Inline Skates For Outdoors in 2023 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Fun-seekers; you are in search of best inline skates for outdoors because you don’t want to enjoy yourself by keeping yourself inside the boundary walls and want the best pair of skating then let us give you some pleasing news.

This article contains top-rated inline skates for outdoors which are selected among the vast market of skates. But before going to that; let us clear your mind with the difference between outdoor and indoor skates.

The outdoor skates have wear and tear resistant wheels with large width and less durometer for softness. While indoor skates need small wheel width and high durometer number to get the hardness in the wheels.

Another factor is to check the low-cut or high-cut option. The low-cut gives moderate speed with maximum mobility and high-cut gives safety and maximum ankle protection.

Skating serves for fun as well as exercise purpose which helps to maintain the body and keep you fit and healthy. So get yourself the best outdoor inline skates and enjoy the ride.

Following are the top-ten best inline skates for outdoor use; choose the perfect one of your demand:

Best Inline Skates For Outdoors

Best Inline Skates For Outdoors in 2023 – Quick Comparison:



Best Inline Skates For Outdoors in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. Gonex- Adjustable Inline Skates for outdoors:

Say bye to indoor games and sports and enjoy the outdoor skating time with Gonex- Adjustable Inline Skates. These are the recreation skates which are the best inline skates for outdoors with high cuff design and comfortable mesh.  Details of this product are below:


  • Sturdy model with breathable toe
  • Improved golden triangulated safe design
  • Golden three point fixing
  • Built-in brake


The Gonex- Adjustable Inline Skates have 3-length adjustable sizes that include small, medium and large size. Check the chart and get the size of your foot for better fit. The wheels of this model glow when it hits the surface. It creates a super cool effect.


The 8 PU-wheels have 82A hardness, ABEC-7 bearings and the size varies from 64mm for small size to 70mm for medium and 72mm for large. The rust-resistant aluminum frame is strong enough to support the body and balance it. The wheels are enough to provide moderate speed for skating.

Breathable mesh:

The material of the mesh is of high quality PP material, sandwich mesh, PVC leather and EPE foam. The shoelace of the triple security system is of old traditional type. The breathable toe helps in the prevention of sweat.

  • Nominal price
  • Available for both girls and boys
  • High easy carrying loop
  • Best for beginners and intermediate skaters
  • No shock absorber in the heels

Final Verdict:

These skates are affordable to buy and because of their size adjustment feature you can use them from being a kid to adult. Among the huge market of inline skates; these are the best inline skates for youth because they offer a triple security system (buckle, strap and fixed shoelace) and PU-wear resistant wheels which gives a smooth ride.

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2. ITurnGlow-Glowing Inline Skates for outdoors:

The perfect gift you are looking for your kids comes in the form of ITurnGlow-Glowing Inline Skates. It has 8 glowing wheels and wheels are made to skate outdoors. The adjustable size makes it last long from being a kid to adulthood.


  • 4-size adjustability
  • PP material toe-cap design
  • Right foot brake
  • High cuff for protection


ITurnGlow-Glowing Inline Skates have breathable mesh, easy carrying strap, triple safe closure system, and ventilated toe-design with the sole built with Polypropylene material. These are the best inline skates for recreational use. The outer shell provides complete ankle support.

Removable brakes:

The detachable right foot brakes are built with TPR rubber and originally they are placed on the right foot. You can change the position to the left foot as the brake is easy to remove. Also, if the brake gets damaged you can change it as well.

Wheel construction:

With ABEC-7 bearings, these best inline skates for outdoor exercise have thick aluminum alloy frames. It has a durometer of 82A and wheel size is of different widths. These wheels provide proper balance.

  • Non-slippery shock absorbing heel
  • Mute bearings for smooth ride
  • Triple safe protection
  • Durable aluminum alloy frame
  • Weight is 2-kgs which is little heavy for kids

Final Verdict:

It’s a good consideration for the parents who want their child to learn more about skating while providing them a safe pair to skate. It is economical to buy and easy to use. It is recommended.

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3. XinoSports- Youth Inline Skates for outdoors:

Skating is an activity which can be adopted by kids or adults of any age. Inline skating provides balanced health and body. XinoSports- Youth Inline Skates for outdoors are made for skating behind boundaries without any fear.


  • Carbon steel bearings
  • 4-length size adjustments
  • Maximum ventilated fabric
  • Engineered with thick inner padding


The matchless high performance of XinoSports- Youth Inline Skates for outdoors makes it exceptional. The rust-resistant aluminum frame makes it durable. It is not made with low quality material in fact thick and reinforced quality is used.

Thick Padding:

The adjustable inline skates have padding which completely secures the foot. The high cuff design supports the ankle. The inside of the skates have soft and comfortable padding. The outside shell is made with plastic that won’t get affected with damages.

LED Wheels:

The 8 wheels of the XinoSports- Youth Inline Skates glow and emit light when run on the surface. It enhances the coolness effect and enthusiasm of the kids to skate more. These lights don’t need any battery to run.

  • Colors available for both genders
  • Lightweight design
  • Illuminating wheels
  • 60-days guarantee
  • Not designed for expert skating
  • Plastic outer shell might get break

Final Verdict:

The reinforced aluminum frame with PU-70mm and 82A wheels with ABEC-7 bearings provides an extremely comfortable ride. It has a triple security system of buckle, Velcro strap and lace. So, all in this price is economical and appreciated.  You won’t regret your decision of buying these best inline skates for outdoors.

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4. Zuwaos- Adjustable Inline Skates for outdoors:

If You Want to make your little ones happy and confident by giving them a pair of inline skates which they can use on the outdoor hard surfaces then Zuwaos- Adjustable Inline Skates is all here for you. It is available for both girls and boys.


  • Carbon steel ABEC-7 bearings
  • Changeable single brake
  • Versatile 4- length adjustments
  • Wheels glow


The beginner and intermediate level skates with right foot brake have bearings or ABEC-7 and PU-82A wheels within the aluminum alloy frame; gives smooth gliding on any surface. It offers three-way security to the foot with ventilated mesh.

Size adjustment:

The Zuwaos- Adjustable Inline Skates can be adjusted to 4-sizes of small, medium, large and extra large. It can be adjusted only by pressing a single push button. Your kid will not outgrow it as it will be useful during their youth.

Recreation skates:

Apart from all other features, these are skates which are specially built for recreational use. It has robust wheels which can be run on any surface smoothly.

  • Secure design
  • Trouble-free carrying loop
  • Breathable toe
  • Low ankle support shell
  • Inside ankle cuff isn’t long enough

Final Verdict:

The simple functional inline skates which give advantages not in just outdoor skating but also in regulating the blood, increases the confidence, keeping the body fit, and improves the art of balancing the body.  For this convenient price; it is recommended.

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5. OTW-Cool- Safe Adjustable Inline Skates for outdoors:

The best unisexual inline skates in the town comes under the title of OTW-Cool- Safe Adjustable Inline Skates for outdoors as they are designed to skate on roads and streets. The illuminating wheels make them more fascinating.


  • Movable to 4-sizes
  • Elastic and wear-resistant wheels
  • Toe-cap saves from collision
  • Ventilated shock absorbing mesh


To make these inline skates more convenient to use; it has shoe-length adjustment features. It helps to wear them in your youth without worry of outgrowing them. Further details of these best inline skate wheels for outdoors are below:


The reinforced aluminum alloy frame body is rust-resistant and durable which has high rebounded PU-82A wheels. These wheels are wear-resistant and don’t get damaged quickly. The carbon steel bearing of ABEC-7 enhances the smoothness of the ride.

Security and ease:

The OTW-Cool- Safe Adjustable Inline Skates for outdoors comes with the comfortable liner, which is thick and breathable. The wrap gives a warm feeling to the foot.  The safety closure system increases the confidence by having lace, cam-lever buckle, and magic strap.

  • Wraps around the foot for 360-degrees providing comfort
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Illuminating wheels
  • Cushioning isn’t ample

Final Verdict:

The lateral support given by these inline skates is amazing; the low center of gravity frame improves the stability, and their customer care service is excellent. So OTW-Cool- Safe Adjustable Inline Skates for outdoors is a must buy.

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6. Rollerblade- Zetrablade Elite Inline Skates for outdoors:

When it comes to choosing the inline skates; there is no chance that you are going to miss master-pieces by Rollerblade. The Rollerblade- Zetrablade Elite Inline Skates are for the adults who are looking for best outdoor inline skates.


  • Extra-ordinary thick cushioning
  • Highly breathing mesh
  • Low balance frame structure
  • Wheel and bearing supports balanced speed and control


The Rollerblade- Zetrablade Elite Inline Skates has a monocoque composite frame with 80mm wheel width, 82A hardness, and SG5 bearings. The thick cushioning helps in the training for skating.

Fitness skates:

The people who are fitness freaks; Rollerblade- Zetrablade Elite Inline Skates is something you need. It will give you the fun of skating as well as keeps your body fit with complete safety.


It is engineered carefully with the mesh wrap around the foot. The triple closure safety enhances the wrapping and gripping effect on the foot.

  • 360-degree wrap
  • Monocoque frame
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Best for beginners and intermediate skaters
  • Little bit over-pricy
  • Fixed shoe length

Final Verdict:

If you want quality, safety and durability; no option is better than Rollerblade- Zetrablade Elite Inline Skates for outdoors. The color combination makes it useful for both genders. The closure system gives complete lock of foot and ankle.

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7. Pacer- Explorer Inline Skates for outdoors:

All beginners and intermediate skate learners will be happy about the Pacer- Explorer Inline Skates as it is simple yet easy to roll on a pair of skates. Nothing will be impossible to reach if you have these inline skates for outdoors.


  • Thick ankle cuff
  • Reinforced polymer frame
  • Bearings of Gold-7 Speed Rated Carbon
  • Robust wheels


What a beautiful and catchy color combination of Pacer- Explorer Inline Skates for outdoors. It is a less complicated inline skate which can be used inside as well outside the boundaries.

Carrying straps:

The Pacer- Explorer Inline Skates comes with the carrying straps which help in moving the skates from one place to another when not in use.


It has Kemistry Magnium All-purpose 76mm wheel size that is ideal for the rink or trail purposes. It has a triple closure system as well for the safety of the foot.

  • Easy to carry strap
  • Built-in brake
  • Both indoor and outdoor use
  • Affordable price
  • Low ventilation

Final Verdict:

The frame is supported but it does not offer toe-cap protection. Also, it lacks toe-ventilation but if you just want to have some fun time with your friends then it is a good choice.

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8. XRZT- Beginners Inline Skates for outdoors:

You don’t want your girls and boys to miss out the fun with XRZT- Beginners Inline Skates. As these are the outdoor skates which have torn-resistant wheels which go smooth on rough surfaces.


  • Tremendously breathable mesh
  • Accommodating to 2-sizes
  • Illuminating wheels
  • Triple closure system


The 2-size adjustable inline skates have durable wheels and comfortable mesh. Also use the protective gears while using inline skates as it increases the skating confidence.

Built material:

The XRZT- Beginners Inline Skates is made with PU wheels, PP mesh and EPE form for the inside lining. It is suitable for the kids as well as youth because of size adjustment.


The most attractive and happy part is; it comes with the skate carrying bag and a pair of wrench. Not all the inline skates come with this package.

  • Extremely affordable price
  • Silent bearings
  • Suitable for both girls and boys
  • 24 hour help service
  • Not for adults and experts
  • No toe protection

Final Verdict:

These are the best inline skates for outdoors for kids, although they are size adjustable but these are not mature skaters. It is a simple and easy to use design for beginners.

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9. Hiboy- Adjustable Inline Skates for outdoors:

Inline skating serves as fun and excitement for the kids as they feel they are flying with the wind without any resistance. Their wish has become easy with Hiboy- Adjustable Inline Skates for outdoors. The sturdy inside mesh makes it more comfortable to ride on.


  • Switchable brake
  • Trio closure safety
  • 3-size setting
  • 82A-PU wheels


To add more fun and coolness in the life of kids, youth or adult; Hiboy- Adjustable Inline Skates for outdoors is going to help you with it. The lightning wheels and size adjustment features are amazing.

PU Wheel size:

The small wheel has a size of 64mm, medium and large have the size of 70mm. The hardness of the wheels is 82A with premium quality ABEC-7 bearings so they can be used outdoors.

Removable brake:

The Hiboy- Adjustable Inline Skates for outdoors have a built in brake but this brake is not fixed. If you are comfortable with the left foot brake then you can switch it to the left foot. Else built0in brake is on the right foot.

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Balances speed and control
  • Wallet-friendly
  • Unisexual colors
  • Comes with 30-days money back guarantee
  • Only for beginners

Final Verdict:

This is a good value for the money inline skates which come at a good price. It provides maximum comfort to its users. It is a safe and smooth design by Hiboy. The availability in different colors makes it useful for both girls and boys.

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10. Caroma-LED wheels Inline Skates for outdoors:

Outdoor skating needs a model which is robust and does not get damaged easily with the surface or injuries. Caroma-LED wheels Inline Skates are launched in the market. They have inside padding which has dual shock absorbers, and quiet wheel ABEC-7 bearings with 82A PU wheels. The length of these best inline skates for outdoors is adjustable to three sizes- small, medium, large.


  • Non-deformable aluminum frame
  • Abrasion resistant wheels
  • 3-size versatility
  • 3D fly knitting vamp design


The ample cushioning of the Caroma-LED wheels Inline Skates makes the longer hour use comfortable without causing any blister or pain. The mesh is of cotton which is ventilated. The inside is made from EVA-form. More features are written below:

Aluminum frame:

The rust-resistant aluminum frame of this unique design is 2mm thick which makes it more durable. It gives complete stability to the foot. This thicker bracket makes the skating smoother. It does not cause any muscle pain to the foot or ankle.

Collision safe:

The toe-cap of Caroma-LED wheels Inline Skates Caroma-LED wheels Inline Skates has proper protection. It is made with premium quality PP material. When any accident happen; your toe will be protected and won’t be affected.

  • Low-cost inline skates
  • Water-resistant robust outer shell and mesh
  • Cool lightning wheels
  • Presence of shock absorber
  • Fixed right foot brake
  • Not designed for the expert skaters

Final Verdict:

The shock-absorbing heels and 360-degree wrapped mesh makes this model worth buying. Apart from these securities; it has a triple way safe system of buckle, magic strap and lace. Overall; it is a good choice for beginners who want to learn safe skating.

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Best Inline Skates For Outdoors FAQS:

     1. What are the best inline skates for outdoors?

Ans: XinoSports- Youth Inline Skates are the best inline skates because of the premium performance ABEC-7 bearings, sturdy design, ventilated toe, and different color availability for both genders.

     2. Does the closure system actually give firmness to the foot?

Ans: Yes, the triple closure system is the best as it provides firmness, good grip, and maximum support to the foot by locking the ankle with the base of the skates.

      3. Which frame is more supportive plastic or aluminum?

Ans: The plastic frame is lightweight but not durable because it might get break easily. On the other hand; aluminum frame is strong, supportive and durable which is going to last for years.


After using the different inline skates and considering their pros and cons; Rollerblade- Zetrablade Elite Inline Skates serves best inline skates for outdoors. These are affordable, easy to handle, firm design, unisexual inline skates. However, all of the above written inline skates are recommended as selected by our experts after going through their each thick and thin feature.


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