Best inline skates for speed

Best Inline Skates For Speed in 2023 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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You want some real speed with the best inline skates for speed; let us help you with the extra-ordinary classic pair of inline skates with fast speed. The inline skates are of different category and every skate is built for a different purpose.

The speed inline skates have large wide wheels with a hard outer surface. Usually; the inline skates for speed are used by professionals and experts so they don’t have brakes as well.  But if you want to install them, you can add them to some models.

The inline skates for speed come in 3-WD and 4-WD; it depends on your skating level which wheel design makes you feel protective and provide you smooth ride.

The bearings of the wheel plays important role in providing speed to the skates. So they must be strong, and durable. Bearings above ABEC-5 are recommended for online speed skating.

Taking all these points in mind; the best inline skates for speed have been short-listed by the experts. Consider the following skates and buy the best pair of speed inline skates:

Best Inline Skates For Speed

Best Inline Skates For Speed in 2023 – Quick Comparison:



Best Inline Skates For Speed in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. Roller Derby- Aerio Q80X Inline Skates for Speed:

Inline skating is a sport that people adopt as a hobby and carry as a passion. And passion does not go with slow speed; Roller Derby- Aerio Inline Skates are the skates with speed. It has strong wheels which give fast speeding to the skater without getting hurt and maintains the balance.


  • Small pores on the fabric for ventilation
  • Frame built with aluminum tri-coil
  • Ankle protection frame
  • Thick inner padding


The attractive color combination of these best inline skates for speed makes them look cooler. It might act as a unisexual design. The trouble-free loop carrying design helps in the easy mobility of Roller Derby- Aerio Inline Skates.

Enough cushioning:

The padding done inside the inline skates is enough to provide comfortable skating time even for long hours. It gives complete support to the ankle. Also, the fabric is ventilated which keeps the foot dry prevents sweating.


These Hybrid soft boots are designed for intermediate skate learners. It has an aluminum tri-coil rust-resistant frame with bearings of Gold-7 Race Rated Chrome and a wheel size of 80mm.

  • Breathable toe
  • Triple safety lock
  • Right-foot brake
  • Easy to carry loop
  • No major disadvantage

Final Verdict:

The price is economical with a robust design. The wheels are strong enough to balance the body during speeding. It has no such bad aspect which needs explanation. Overall; it is a good selection for speed skating.

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2. Epic Skates- 125mm Engage 3WD Inline Skates for Speed:

The best unisexual inline skates in the speed market are introduced by Epic Skates with their model named- Epic Skates- 125mm Engage 3WD Inline Skates for Speed. It has wide wheels which provide optimum speed to the skater.


  • 125mm 3-Wheel Design with glass-filled plastic core
  • Completely covered protected shell
  • Dual-Lever buckle
  • Protective toe design


The black color adds elegance to the inline skates with the yellow border to make them look more worth buying. The shoe design is fixed on the wheel frame and it has firm ankle support.

3-Wheel Design:

The wider the wheels the high speed it will attain. The plastic core wheels are 125mm wide with the hardness of High Rebound 86A.  It has pre-spun ABEC-7 speed bearings which makes it inline speed skates. The high 195mm mounted gold polished CNC aluminum frame is of aircraft grade.

Outer hard shell:

The skeleton of Epic Skates- 125mm Engage 3WD Inline Skates for Speed is made of hard plastic and it covers the whole body with some ventilating holes. It has dual cam-lever buckle safety with the extra safety of shoelaces.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Traditional lace for additional support and stability
  • Convenient carry loop
  • High protection cuff
  • Expensive design
  • Low ventilation

Final Verdict:

The Epic Skates- 125mm Engage 3WD Inline Skates seems over-priced but when it is compared to the features it provides; it is a normal range inline skates. It has a unique innovative wide 3 wheel design. It is recommended.

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3. K2 Skate- Sodo Inline Skates for Speed:

All the experts and advanced skaters; K2 Skate- Sodo Inline Skates is an overwhelming unique design for you. It is simple and quick to wear with fewer complexities. The black color makes it unisexual inline skates.


  • Extra high cuff for ankle support
  • Thick padding design
  • Shock absorbing foot base
  • 100mm wide wheel


With the high cuff design, ankle-covered outer-shell, and wide wheels; K2 Skate- Sodo Inline Skates makes their way easy for speed skating. These inline skates have no built-in brakes because they are designed for professionals and experts.

Closure system:

The closure system of K2 Skate- Sodo Inline Skates consists of a Micro-Macro cuff closure lever, dual Velcro straps, and a fixed shoelace. It enhances the safety of the foot and gives confidence to the skater.


The frame in which wheels are fixed is a Rockered R100 extruded aluminum frame which is durable and has full profile R100mm wheels with 90A hardness.

  • Three-way security
  • Strong carrying strap
  • Easy to buckle cam-lever
  • Stabilize shoelace
  • Very much costly
  • Absence of protective toe-cap
  • No brakes as designed for experts

Final Verdict:

The breathable mesh of K2 Skate- Sodo Inline Skates has small pores on them which keep the foot dry and enhances firm skating. The wheels are wear-resistant. We agree on the point of its 10.26-pounds weight but it’s acceptable. It is a good selection for inline speed skating.

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4. LIKU-Performance 125 3WD Inline Skates for Speed:

Professionals; who are looking for inline skates which will give them speed and a comfortable ride, LIKU-Performance 125 3WD Inline Skates are going to fulfill your wish. This is a wide 3-Wheel Design that balances the body on CNC one-piece frame.


  • Strong bearings with fewer vibrations
  • EVA elastic cotton liner
  • Breathable mesh
  • High elastic heel


The black and gold color inline skates are unisexual and both men and women can use them with confidence. The frame is built with Aluminum and the sole is built with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. Sole has a shock-absorbing heel that secures the ankle, knee, and back from jerks.

Tall and wide wheels:

The wear-resistant PU-wheels of LIKU-Performance 125 3WD Inline Skates are tall, 125mm width, and 85A hardness. The ABEC-7 gold-bearing gives a smooth ride.  The three wheels give speed to the skaters.


The LIKU-Performance 125 3WD Inline Skates can be used for outdoor skates like a roller rink, park, paved trails present at the outside, road, and boardwalks. These are the best recreational use inline skates.

  • The closure system has 2 micro-adjustable Ratchet Buckles
  • Water-resistant design
  • Breathable toes
  • Removable mesh
  • No brake

Final Verdict:

Buy this charmer if you want the best inline skates for speed. These inline skates run with speed and increase the fun activity for both men and women. It is a secure design with a dual closure system. It is highly recommended.

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5. VNLA- Carbon Inline Skates for Speed:

If you are exhausted from the old-school designs of inline skates; VNLA- Carbon Inline Skates are here for you with the speed you admire. The vibrant colors of this model make it unisexual for both men and women.


  • Extra-wide four-wheel design
  • Quick to wear single buckle
  • Water-proof mesh outside
  • Strong aluminum frame


The outer plastic mesh makes it water-proof as the slippery surface resists water. The wheels are tall and extra-wide which stabilizes the foot and gives speed to the skater. Further details of VNLA carbon speed roller inline skates are below:


The VNLA- Carbon Inline Skates are made with half carbon fiber and half fiber glass. The wheels have a hardness of 85A with ABEC-9 Vanilla Racing Specification bearings. The 195mm mounting frame is from the 700 Aluminum series in which size 1-5 have 3x100frame and size 6-13 have 4x100frame.

Closure system:

It has a build-in simple closing system that consists of a magic strap and quick closing buckle with a fixed shoelace design.

  • Availability of different colors
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor skating
  • Premium quality urethane wheels
  • Helps intermediate or above skate learners in racing
  • Not a protective or ventilated design
  • No high cuff for ankle security

Final Verdict:

If we see the outlook of VNLA- Carbon Inline Skates; it does not seem very comfortable design as it lacks outer-shell, absence of ankle cuff, and low ventilation but the construction of these inline skates is worth trying to buy and use. The uniqueness brings speed to the skates.

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6. VNLA- X1 Carbon fiber Inline Skates for Speed:

Speed skaters; wanting something to beat others on the road and fly away with the wind then VNLA- X1 Carbon fiber Inline Skates is here on your demand. The homogenous black color is the best fit for both genders. The VNLA produces the best inline speed skates 2023. The details are below:


  • Aluminum frame with leather fabric
  • Triple closure system
  • Extra-wide wheels for speed
  • Custom heat molding boots for easy fit


The youth inline skates have carbon heel which provides support and comfort to the skater. The closure system of VNLA- X1 Carbon fiber Inline Skates is based on an adjustable Ratchet buckle, Velcro cinch strap, and shoelace.

The functionality of wheels:

The 100mm wide wheels with ABEC-9 bearings and 85A hardness are supported by the 700 series Aluminum frame. The men’s VNLA X1 size (1-5) comes with 3-WD and the women’s VNLA X1 size (6-13) comes with 4-WD. These wheels allow you to skate anywhere.

Easy fit:

By following the instructions given in the manual; VNLA- X1 Carbon fiber Inline Skates can be adjusted according to foot by heat molding. As it is a carbon fiber boot, after heat molding it will give the perfect fit to the foot.

  • Useful for both indoor and outdoor skating
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Youth inline skates
  • Provides multi-surface skating like rink etc.
  • Not for beginners or intermediate skaters
  • No brake design

Final Verdict:

As these are designed for experts, professionals, and speed skaters; the brakes are absent and there is no outer protective shell. But these are the best inline skates for speed because of their highly efficient performance. The VNLA- X1 Carbon fiber Inline Skates are for the skaters who are working on increased speed, fitness, and rink skaters who skate usually.

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7. PASENDI-Professional Carbon Fiber Inline Skates for Speed:

Here is the news for all professionals who want to skate without the fear of slow speed; PASENDI-Professional Carbon Fiber Inline Skates are the best inline skates for speed. The outlooks are even more ravishing.


  • Shell made of Carbon Fiber
  • ABEC-9 Chromium Steel bearing
  • CNC Integrated Aluminum Bracket
  • Hole spacing for mounting


The carbon fiber shoe shell of PASENDI-Professional Carbon Fiber Inline Skates is a water-resistant design with unisexual black color. The wheels are robust and strong. The frame is mounted high and is lightweight.

Wheel body:

The wheels are supported by a CNC Integrated Forming Aluminum bracket with the bearing of ABEC-9, hardness of 85A, and three sizes for wheel width. It includes 90mm width, 100mm width, and 110mm width.

Safe closure design:

The micro-adjustable Ratchet buckle and traditional shoelace design form the closure system of these inline skates. It combines to give firmness to the foot.

  • Unisexual skates
  • Triple closure system
  • Robust aluminum frame
  • The slippery smooth black outer surface
  • No high ankle cuff or thick padding

Final Verdict:

The price of PASENDI-Professional Carbon Fiber Inline Skates is affordable for the professional range skates because the design is stylish, speedy, and catchy. With the low cuff design, wider wheels, long frame, and durable bearings, this best speed skate 2020 is a must consideration.

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8. FILA Skates- Houdini Pro 110MM Inline Skates for Speed:

The FILA is a new name in the market of skates; their 3-WD of speed skating is unique which is covering all the features of safety and comfort level. FILA Skates- Houdini Pro 110MM Inline Skates have features that other inline skates for speed lack.


  • 3 wheel design with complete safety
  • Hard outer-shell with toe-protection
  • High ankle support cuff
  • Dual buckle and shoelace safety


The 3 wheel design with 100mm wheel width, 84A hardness, and ABEC-9 bearing has a lightweight aluminum frame. The length of the frame is normal and provides maximum speed while skating.

Outer secure shell:

The body of the FILA Skates- Houdini Pro 110MM Inline Skates is completely covered with a hard plastic shell. The toe is also protected. The heel comes with built-in shock absorbers. The breathable holes help in ventilation.

Best skates for fitness:

The speed skates which can serve fitness and recreational purposes are only provided by FILA Skates- Houdini Pro 110MM Inline Skates. The ample cushioning helps for long hours of skating.

  • Thick liner
  • Protective shell
  • Easy carry loop
  • Shock-absorbing heel
  • The brake cannot be installed in the boots

Final Verdict:

The FILA Skates- Houdini Pro 110MM Inline Skates is providing full security to the foot. It has a dual Ratchet buckle and stable shoelace design. You are not going to need any thick socks to secure your foot because of a sturdy liner. It is worth buying the best inline skates for speed.

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9. K2 Skate- Mod 125 Inline Skates for Speed:

The three-wheel design with carbon outer shell and breathable mesh of K2 Skate- Mod 125 Inline Skates is for speed skating. It has a unique closure system and wide wheel frame design.


  • Breathable holes mesh
  • Tall and wide 3-wheel design
  • Quick to pull laces
  • BOA base closure system


The best BOA inline skates are introduced by K2 Skate- Mod 125 Inline Skates as it has 3-Elite wheels with the configuration of 125mm-120mm-125mm and is inserted in an extruded aluminum frame.

Closure design:

The K2 Skate- Mod 125 Inline Skates have three-way security of the foot; Velcro straps and quick-to-pull laces. It reduces the time of wearing inline skates.

Dual strap:

It has easy to carry two straps; one is at the front and the other is at back. Now lifting and moving the inline skates when not in use, has become easy.

  • Dual carrying straps
  • High cuff design
  • Elite speed wheels
  • Carbon composite frame
  • Extremely costly

Final Verdict:

K2 Skate- Mod 125 Inline Skates comes with a safe design that is easy to use. But the only drawback of this model is the price factor. The price is too high for the speed inline skates. Overall, it has acceptable features for speed skating.

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10. Ferrari- Speed Inline Skates:

Ferrari– a name of the famous trusty-worthy brand launched their pair of best inline skates for speed. These inline skates under the name; Ferrari- Speed Inline Skates are going to make you a professional skater. It comes with the signature black and red color of Ferrari.


  • Durable frame design
  • Launched by the famous Ferrari brand
  • Heat molding ability
  • Composite Carbon Fiber Shell


The closure system provides quick-to-tie laces, Velcro Cinch strap, and micro-adjustable Ratchet buckle. Now the ankle is completely safe within the boots and you are ready to roll.

Heat molding feature:

The shoe size can be adjusted simply by the heat molding process. No complex methods will be required for the perfect fit of the foot.

Wide wheel design:

A long-lasting ABEC-9 bearing, 85A hardness, and 110mm wheel width of 4-wheel design Ferrari- Speed Inline Skates form the wheel construction. These wheels allow you to skate anywhere either indoor or outdoor with smooth and comfortable gliding.

  • Triple security
  • Indoor and outdoor inline skates
  • Provides fast rolling on rink surfaces
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Extra-wide frame design can make foot uncomfortable

Final Verdict:

If you can afford such a price then Ferrari- Speed Inline Skates is highly recommended. They promised quality, performance, and efficiency. It gives a comfortable lycra lining and an aluminum alloy frame.

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Best Inline Skates For Speed FAQs:

     1. What is the best inline skate for speed?

Ans: VNLA- X1 Carbon fiber Inline Skates are the best for the speed because of their wheel construction and high mounting design.

     2. Which skate construction is best for beginners?

Ans: For beginners; 4-Wheel Design is the most suitable design as it gives stability to the body. The high cuff for proper ankle support, thick inside padding, lightweight durable aluminum frame, mute bearings, and brake on the skates combine to form an amazing construction for beginners.

     3. How heat molding a skate is done to adjust the fitness of the skate according to foot?

Ans: The carbon shell skates can afford the heat molding process. Remove all the detachable parts of the skate boots even the shoelace and only leave the boot. Place it in the oven and heat for 15-minutes at 185°F to soft them. Take them out and leave them to cool, once boots can wear, wear them and fit them according to your foot.

If you are scared of this process; take the glue gun, wear the boots and mark the points of adjustments. Heat those points with the glue gun and voila inline skates are adjusted according to your foot.


In the end; we can summarize the whole article with the best inline skates for speed but for this, all you need is skilled skating. If your skating is weak; no inline skate boots are going to help you. Focus on your goal and make it a passion then buy Roller Derby- Aerio Inline Skates for the starters as this a very safe design among the best inline skates for beginners with speed.

Once you reached the skilled level; LIKU-Performance 125 3WD Inline Skates for speed is the best option. It will make you a professional inline skater.


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