Can You Lose Weight Roller Skating

Can You Lose Weight Roller Skating In 2023 (Complete Guide)

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Can You Lose Weight Roller SkatingWhenever we think about losing weight, it gives us a lot of stress because we know that we will have to do stressful and boring exercises and follow a super strict diet. What if we tell you that there are easier ways to lose weight?

Roller skating is a fun leisurely activity that allows you to stay active and spend time with friends. You can challenge friends to new tricks and also enjoy a healthy activity at the same time. Roller skating involves your entire body so it allows you to burn calories and in turn lose weight. Read on to learn more.

Full body workout

For long-lasting health, you need to exercise regularly. Physical activity is also quite beneficial for lowering blood pressure and improving mental health. In addition, it also helps prevent various diseases and allows you to boost your immune system by maintaining a healthy weight.

While exercises like cardio and gym can get quite boring, roller skating is a fun alternative that allows you to enjoy while you stay active. It allows you to enjoy with your friends and also achieve your goal weight at the same time as it gives you a full workout.

How can you lose weight through roller skating?

Roller skating is a good activity that helps you keep active. You can also lose weight but only if you are maintaining a caloric deficit. This means that you need to take in less calories and burn much more. This can be hard to do. You will need to have proper meal plans in order to ensure that you are maintaining a caloric deficit.

After you come back from skating, you might be tempted to quickly eat unhealthy foods or drinks. However, this will disturb the caloric deficit and you will end up wasting all the effort that you put into roller skating. Make sure you have a proper meal plan and try to stay away from processed foods and drinks as much as possible.

Roller skating routine

In order to ensure that you lose weight roller skating, you need to be regular with it. Roller skating might seem fun and all in the beginning but you might be tempted to just rest some days and these are the days that you need to put in the most effort.

Make sure that you start with a slow routine where you are not roller skating for more than half an hour. You can start with 3 days a week and go from there. Once your body is accustomed to this routine, you can increase the time of roller skating or just do it more often.

Challenge yourself to learn new skills or try to learn different types of roller skating such as dance skating or street skating in order to make the activity more fun. Try to do it with your friends so that you are actually enjoying yourself.

Keep track of your progress

Another way to stay motivated is to keep track of your progress. You can keep you own personal diary where you note down how much weight you are losing each week and how your body measurements are changing. Once you see changes in your body, you will be determined to keep going in order to achieve your goal weight.

You can also join some kind of community of skaters where you challenge each other and discuss your progress. This will help you stay consistent and reap real results.

Burn calories

Roller skating requires you to put in a lot of effort and move your entire body while you skate through town.  This makes it a great aerobic fitness sport that helps put stress on your muscles and burns calories very fast. It raises you heart rate and allows your body to use up energy very quickly.

It is also a very fun activity and feel like you are almost flying. This way it makes it easier to burn calories as you actually enjoying yourself. The number of calories that are burnt varies from person to person.

After roller skating for an hour, a person who weighs 240 pounds will burn about 818 calories, a person who weighs 200 pounds will burn about 683 calories and a someone who weighs 160 pounds will burn about 548 calories. You can see that the more you weigh, the faster you will be able to burn calories by roller skating.


In order to make sure that this exercise is effective, you need to ensure the right posture. Make sure that you are engaging your core while skating in order to tone that part of your body. This will engage the muscles of your lower abdomen and will help tone your belly fat.


Being a great overall cardio workout, roller skating helps tone your body and build your muscles. This way roller skating helps you lose weight overall and achieve your goal wight. However, don’t be obsessed with the numbers on your scale and make sure that you are taking care of yourself. Good luck!

Can You Lose Weight Roller Skating FAQs :

1. How long should I roller skate to lose weight?

Answer: A 30-minute session of roller skating allows you to lose 250 calories. Create a caloric deficit and you will be able to lose 1 pound per week.

2. Does roller skating burn belly fat?

Answer: Roller skating burns fat all over your body including belly fat.

3. Is roller skating a good workout?’

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