Best Inline Skates For Fitness

Best Inline Skates For Fitness in 2023 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Fitness freaks attention here! Searching for the best inline skates for fitness as you want to keep yourself active, smart, and fit? Let us help you in hunting such skates.

Skating can be adopted by anyone either male or female. It helps to increase the blood circulation level and fats get burnt when you roll out on the roads. But for this purpose, you only need the proper pair of inline skates which are fitness as there are many other different models, types, and designs of inline skates.

The adult fitness inline skates are made with high cushioning, strong brakes, non-slippery wheels, and a proper closure system.

Considering these features; the following are the top-ten best inline skates for fitness. These are selected with major criteria and helpful features. All the details are mentioned below, read the following products:

Best Inline Skates For Fitness

Best Inline Skates For Fitness in 2023 – Quick Comparison:



Best Inline Skates For Fitness in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. Rollerblade-Zetrablade Adult Fitness Inline Skates:

People; fitness is the most asked wish of everyone. Inline skating is the one way to achieve it if you have proper skates for it. Keeping in mind the request of their clients; Rollerblade has introduced-Zetrablade Adult Fitness Inline Skates


  • A lateral support system helps to transfer energy
  • Monocoque lower center of gravity frame
  • Plentiful inner lining
  • Toe-cap for protection


It has wheels of RB 80mm width and 82A hardness with SG5 bearings. The outer shell is firm to provide lateral support to the ankle and foot. It secures the foot in three ways- buckle, strap, and lace. All these measurements give the foot firmness and safety. Detailed review is mentioned below with pros and cons:

Best for beginners, intermediate and fun-time skaters:

The Rollerblade-Zetrablade Adult Fitness Inline Skates are the skates that are made according to the features required for new learners or the people who perform skating as fun. They don’t have much experience so the design of their inline skates should be safe and sound.

Soft padding:

The inside lining matters the most for beginners as it saves the foot from blisters and muscle fatigue. Through Rollerblade-Zetrablade Adult Fitness Inline Skates you can enjoy skating for hours without the stress of getting hurt. It will give you proper training experience.

  • Three-way security
  • Carry loop
  • Provides a perfect balance of speed and control
  • Low balance frame
  • Fitness and recreation inline skates
  • Little bit over-pricey
  • No ventilated toe

Final Verdict:

Whenever you will look for fitness inline skates; Rollerblade-Zetrablade Adult Fitness Inline Skates will be shown as the top priority because of their construction and built-in features. The thick cushion keeps the ankle and foot safe. It is a highly recommended pair of inline skates.

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2. Roller Derby-V Tech 500 Inline Skates for Fitness:

Want to try some unique model of inline skates? Here we have super comfortable safe inline skates; Roller Derby-V Tech 500 Inline Skates for Fitness. These are designed for fitness purposes. They give a healthy lifestyle to their user.


  • Triple buckle system
  • The covered outer shell body
  • 4-size adjustments
  • Right foot brake


These best inline skates for women are available in such adorable colors and a strong frame skeleton. The urethane wheels are 76mm wide which make them useful for indoor and outdoor purpose and bearing is Bevo Gold-7 Race rated. These inline skates are the tested skates and have premium quality components used in them.

Closure system:

The triple cam-lever buckle design is amazing and different. Say bye to shoe lacing and Velcro strap. It is quick to lock and go model inline skates. People do not have to waste their time tying up the shoes.

Size adjustments:

The Roller Derby-V Tech 500 Inline Skates offers 4 size adjustments according to the length of the foot. If you will buy them when you were a kid, you can still use them in your youth and adulthood. All it can be done by a simple push-button.

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Recreational inline skates
  • Carrying loop
  • Design only for women
  • Plastic made outer shell

Final Verdict:

If you want a perfect gift for women to keep them up-to-date and slim then Roller Derby-V Tech 500 Inline Skates is all that what you are asking for. It is budget-friendly. These are easy-to-wear skates.

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3. Rollerblade- Phoenix Adjustable Inline Skates for Fitness:

These best inline skates for fitness for kids are the best thing to spend money on. To keep your child away from room walls and if you want them to play outside, so they can be active and sharp; Rollerblade- Phoenix Adjustable Inline Skates is the pick for them.


  • Beautiful design at the outer surface
  • Firm lock system
  • Excellent toe-cap protection
  • 4-sizes adjustable skates


The 72mm wheels and ABEC-3 bearings provide normal speed and beginners can learn to fly easily. The frame gives lateral support has a lower center of gravity design. It gives the fun-time activity to the kid.


The synthetic material padding done inside Rollerblade- Phoenix Adjustable Inline Skates is too soft and comfortable. The foot will have warmness and security. Also, this cushioning is breathable; it means it will not cause sweating inside.

Size adjustment:

Don’t worry that what if your kid will outgrow them after you buy them expensive inline skates. Rollerblade- Phoenix Adjustable Inline Skates has a feature in which you can use these inline skates till you reach the adult stage as they can be adjusted to 4 sizes.

  • Trouble-free carrying strap
  • Gives lateral support
  • Available in two colors for girls and boys
  • Best inline skates for beginners
  • Can’t be used on a professional level
  • No adjustable frames

Final Verdict:

Don’t buy skates that do not offer any security. All thanks to Rollerblade- Phoenix Adjustable Inline Skates. They have a triple-safe design with a high ankle cuff and ample padding. It is recommended by our team.

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4. Rollerblade- Microblade Adjustable Inline Skates for Fitness:

Rollerblade doesn’t need any introduction or trust for making premium quality inline skates for fitness. Rollerblade- Microblade Adjustable Inline Skates are a piece of art that has a sturdy and balanced framework. Following are the features of this product:


  • Built-in brake
  • It can accommodate 3WD
  • A stable design with a low center of gravity
  • Adjustable to 4-sizes


The Rollerblade- Microblade Adjustable Inline Skates have 72mm wheel width, 80A hardness, and SG3 bearings. It can also be upgraded to 3WD but it depends on the surface. The thick padding tends to be safe for the user from falling and or getting hurt.

Carrying loop:

When the best inline skates for fitness are out there without being in use; it has a strap at the back of the boots. It helps in carrying the boot if they are dirty or heavy. It makes carrying easy.


The total weight of these inline skates is 5 pounds. It is very less and easy to manage. The triple buckle strap ensures the firmness of the foot. These lightweight skates make skating more cool and fun time.

  • Little toe protection
  • Easy to carry loop
  • Hard plastic body outside
  • Lightweight model
  • No toe-breathing holes

Final Verdict:

The price is appreciating concerning the features it is offering. The black and red color is suitable for both genders. The adjustability feature helps in not outgrowing the skates after some time. You can increase the length of the inline skates and use them from kid to youth.

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5. MammyGol- Giant wheel Adjustable Inline Skates for Fitness:

If the beginners are looking for fitness motivation and want to try inline skating; MammyGol- Giant wheel Adjustable Inline Skates are here for them. It is a simple still functional design.


  • Lightweight durable design
  • Sweat absorbing built-in pads
  • Adjustable to 2 lengths
  • High cuff


The lower center of gravity shell of MammyGol- Giant wheel Adjustable Inline Skates has 90mm Elite wheels and ABEC-7 bearings; all are intact in a monocoque frame. The wheels give optimal speed to the skater.

Breathable toe:

The front of the inline skates has breathable property. It keeps the foot dry and helps to achieve maximum firmness. The toe has breathable holes for this purpose.

Adjustable and safe design:

The MammyGol- Giant wheel Adjustable Inline Skates can be adjusted to 2 sizes with a push-button present at the lower body. Also, it is safe to use around on roads and streets. It has a triple closing system.  The wide wheels make it more attractive.

  • Easy to carry loop
  • Lower ankle support design
  • Breathable mesh
  • Breathable mesh
  • No brake design

Final Verdict:

They are offering a satisfaction guarantee with a refund policy. It means it is an option to consider for once. It is available in black color which is a unisexual color and both can take pleasant ride fun through it and maintain their selves fit.

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6. Rollerblade-Elite fitness Inline Skates:

Skating is for many purposes like enhancing stamina, building up confidence, and balancing the whole body on just 8 wheels. Rollerblade-Elite fitness Inline Skates is a model which is for women but the unisexual color makes it useful for men too.  It is for beginners and intermediate skaters.


  • Highly breathable mesh
  • Easy to pull laces
  • Lower center of gravity frame
  • High cuff with enough padding


The best inline skates for fitness and recreation are now not far from your reach. Skating increases the speed the of heart rate and helps the lungs to work better. Rollerblade-Elite fitness Inline Skates is going to help you keep fit.

360-degrees wrap:

It is engineered with a breathable mesh that gets wrapped around the foot, giving the foot a warm and snuggling comfort. It locks the foot with the base and the ankle, transferring maximum energy.

Wheel construction:

The 80mm wheels size, 82A hardness, SG5 bearing, and low center of gravity point; Rollerblade-Elite fitness Inline Skates gives lateral support to the foot. The monocoque frame supports it.

  • Durable design
  • Provides optimum speed
  • Robust wheels
  • 360-degree wrap around the foot
  • No size adjustability option

Final Verdict:

These best inline skates for beginners and intermediate skaters give exceptional speed and comfort levels during skating. If you think the price is too much then stay relax. It is according to the features and robust structure of the inline skates. It worth’s the money.

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7. LIKU- Unisex Fitness Inline Skates:

All the professionals who are looking for the best inline fitness skates to keep them slim and active; LIKU- Unisex Fitness Inline Skates are for you. These are high-quality skates designed with smoothness and comfort.


  • Designed with the structure which is for professional and experts
  • Single piece outer shell
  • The inner lining has an elastic band
  • Sole made with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate


With the shock-absorbing feature; knees, ankle, and back remain protected during skating with LIKU- Unisex Fitness Inline Skates. The EVA elastic cotton is super ventilated which keeps the foot dry. This is a unisexual pair of skates perfect for both men and women.

Body design:

The wheels are locked in the integrated CNC shell. It helps in the stability and control of the wheels. The PU-wheels have 90A hardness, 80mm width, and ABEC bearings. The wheel configuration is like 76mm-80mm-80mm-76mm or 72mm-76mm-76mm-72mm.

Detachable lining:

The inner of the LIKU- Unisex Fitness Inline Skates are easy to remove so to maintain hygiene you can wash them easily. Also, the lining is super ventilated to prevent sweating.

  • Useful for both genders
  • Elastic band on the lining
  • Triple safety system
  • Removable and washable lining
  • Not for beginners as the brake is weak

Final Verdict:

The triple protection design at such an economical price makes these skates the good value for money inline skates. The two-buckles and the shoe-lace system make this system. It gives a wrapping effect around the foot. It has a shock-absorbing design which makes it more worthy and highly recommended.

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8. Rollerface- RFSport Inline Skates for Fitness:

In this era of online activities; everyone wants to keep themselves active, fit, and smart. Through inline skating, one can achieve confidence, health, and weight management. The Rollerface- RFSport Inline Skates for Fitness is all that you need.


  • Made for long skating hours
  • Extra-padding from inside
  • Aluminum frame with proper resistance
  • Ventilated toe


The strong wide and high wheel design is made to skate with moderate and stable speed. The brakes help in controlling the speed. It has a carrying strap which makes it easy to move the skates from one place to another.

Strong outer shell:

The hard plastic makes the outer cover of the body and keeps the foot intact. The lower frame is built with die-casted aluminum and alloy steel. The 84mm PU wheels with 82A hardness and ABEC-7 steel bearing are inducted within a frame.

Secure design:

The Rollerface- RFSport Inline Skates for Fitness is the skates with a three-safe lock of the foot. One is the lace which gives stability, a magic strap that wraps around the foot, and a buckle-lock that supports the ankle.

  • Skates come with a carrying bag
  • Unisexual skates
  • Inbuilt brake
  • Convenient carrying strap
  • Low ankle design

Final Verdict:

This classic design of inline skates is made for fitness purposes and covers all the security features. We agree to the fact that the cuff isn’t high enough but the aluminum frame and outer shell give maximum stability and support to the foot.

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9. 5th Element Stealth 84 Inline Skates for Fitness:

Skaters who are looking for robust constructed inline skates which help them to achieve a healthy life routine with all the safety features; here we have 5th Element Stealth 84 Inline Skates for you.


  • Ventilated and protective toe
  • Triple closure safe system
  • Low ankle support outer shell
  • Built-in brake


The fast-moving inline skates have a wheel size of 84mm and 82A hardness with a bearing of ABEC-7 makes them the best inline skates for advanced skaters. It is a combination of speed and comfort.

Mesh of the boots:

The breathable fabric of 5th Element Stealth 84 Inline Skates is comfortable and has thick padding from inside which keeps the foot safe. The high cuff increases its safety. These are the recreational type inline skates.

Closure system:

Like all other designs; it also comes with complete safety of the foot. It offers a buckle, Velcro strap, and fixed lace. It quick to wear and gives firmness to the foot while skating.

  • Best inline skates for fitness under 100$
  • High cuff design
  • Strong aluminum chassis
  • Trouble-free carrying strap
  • Low ventilation fabric
  • Toe-cap is absent

Final Verdict:

The 5th Element Stealth 84 Inline Skates are highly recommended for people who want to keep up with a healthy lifestyle and keep their selves fit. This pair comes at a handy price too and a sturdy design makes it last long for years.

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10. Rollerblade-Maxxum 100 Unisex Inline Skates for Fitness:

After making many designs and models for the inline skates; Rollerblade-Maxxum 100 Unisex Inline Skates have been introduced to the market. These skates serve for fitness, recreational, urban, and commuter skating purposes.


  • Complete outer shell protection with holes
  • V-shape high cuff
  • Shock-absorbing heel
  • Dual micro-adjustable blades and lace form closure system


The black and red color combination of Rollerblade-Maxxum 100 Unisex Inline Skates makes it more appealing apart from having a complete protective outer body. The wheels of these skates are tall and wide. And the V-cut lining helps in the protection during forward flexing.

The frame of the skates:

The aluminum frame body of this best urban inline skate is 310mm and 12.2-inches with a low center of gravity to provide maximum speed and mobility. It has a facility of lateral adjustment. It has 3x100mm/ 1x90mm adjustments as well.

Wheel size:

The wheels have a huge size of 100mm and 90mm which is perfect to help you skate and maintain your fitness. The hydrogen wheels are 85A hard and have SG9 bearings. The urethane wheels help to decrease shocks and vibrations.

  • Hydrogen wheels
  • Carrying loop
  • Breathable mesh
  • High and wide supporting wheels
  • Brake comes disassembled

Final Verdict:

Besides being a simple and functional design; Rollerblade-Maxxum 100 Unisex Inline Skates are the perfect choice among the best inline skates for fitness. It is easy to wear and the outer shell makes it more durable and reliable. The unisexual color is fit for both men and women.

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Best Inline Skates For Fitness FAQS:

    1. What is the best inline skate for fitness?

Ans: Rollerblade-Zetrablade Adult Fitness Inline Skates are the best because it is a trusted brand that makes fine quality products and helps people achieve the fitness they want.

     2. Does skating help in fitness?

Ans: Yes it does. It circulates the blood, keeps the body in motion, and makes the body perform exercise movements. Inline skating serves for fitness purposes.

     3. Do the wide wheels have fast speed?

Ans: The wide wheels are constructed for the professionals who love inline skating and have a complete grip over skating. So considering this point, wide wheels give fast speed to the user


If you ask for the best inline skates for fitness Rollerblade- Microblade Adjustable Inline Skates is the choice you are going to love after using them. These skates get fit to the foot and you will not outgrow them soon as they can be adjusted to other lengths too. It is a firm design with complete cushioning.

Rest all other features are acceptable too, recommended by our experts. These selected products will not disappoint you. Consider them and think about what you want.


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