Best Inline Skates For Wide Feet

Best Inline Skates For Wide Feet in 2023 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Having wide feet isn’t a problem anymore; you can still enjoy skating with the best inline skates for wide feet. The wide feet require extra room in a shoe and providing comfort with adjustability is the prior duty of inline skates brands.

All your confusions and questions regarding the famous companies and models which are producing the best wide feet inline skates will be cleared in this article.

Say bye to shyness and buy boldly the wide inline skates pair. It is normal to have wide feet. Measure your feet properly and then go buy the inline skates to enjoy the outdoor activities. The wide feet inline skates have little extra length and width and comes with adjustable length. They must be cozy to enhance the confidence of the skater.

Now you can keep up with your exercises as well as spend fun time skating outdoor. It is a healthy activity to adopt.

Considering all these points; we short-listed the top-ten best inline skates for wide feet. Let’s check all these products with their pros and cons in detail:

Best Inline Skates For Wide Feet

Best Inline Skates For Wide Feet in 2023 – Quick Comparison:



Best Inline Skates For Wide Feet in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. PAPAISON- Adjustable Inline Skates for wide feet:

Skating is a pleasant activity that is likely to be performed by kids, adults, and youth with happy moods. The people with wide feet don’t need to worry as long as they have PAPAISON- Adjustable Inline Skates. No matter you got wide or normal feet; these best inline skates got you covered.


  • Adjustable to 4-sizes
  • Reinforced Aluminum frame with PU-wheels
  • Arch supporting socks
  • Single built-in rubber brake


The PAPAISON- Adjustable Inline Skates provides the skater moderate speed so they can have a firm grip till they become professional. The glowing 8 wheels keep up the enthusiasm for skating. The high cuff and three-way closure ensure the security of the foot.

Free socks as a gift:

It offers free socks with inline skates so apart from having ample padding; socks also protect the feet. It has a 3D-heel with anti-friction power, shock-absorbing ability, sock guard strip, and breathable fabric. You can choose any sock of your choice.


The 82A high rebound wheels have ABEC-7 bearings and wheel width varies for different sizes. It’s 64mm for small size, 70mm for medium, 76mm for large, and 80mm for extra large shoe size.

  • Indoor as well outdoor use
  • Nominal price with different colors availability
  • Triple closure system
  • Breathable toe
  • Only for beginners and intermediate skaters

Final Verdict:

These best inline skates for wide feet have 4-size adjustment ability so it won’t be a problem for people to fit their feet in it. PAPAISON- Adjustable Inline Skates gives 100% guarantee customer service. These are the recreational skates that have fewer or minimum disadvantages so yes it is recommended.

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2. Roller Derby-ION 7.2 Inline Skates for wide feet:

Looking for some safe inline skates for your kids so they can enjoy the outdoor activity rather than sitting in front of the screens all day long; here Roller Derby-ION 7.2 Inline Skates serves best for this purpose. If you are worried about your kid’s wide feet; these are the best wide feet inline skates.


  • Ankle support frame
  • Removable brake
  • 2-size adjustable fitting
  • Thick cushioned hybrid boots


It is enriched with lightweight soft padding with a 3-way safety system that includes; cam-lever buckle, shoelace, and hook-and-loop power strap. The toe is breathable to prevent sweating.

Dual straps:

It is loaded with two straps rather than a single strap at the back. It helps in easy mobility of the inline skates when not using on the roads.

Frame construction:

The Roller Derby-ION 7.2 Inline Skates have an aluminum frame that is adjustable to two sizes with a single push button. The reinforced polymer frame has 64mm small width size PU-wheels and 72mm medium width size PU-wheels. The bearings are Gold-7 Speed Rating.

  • Dual carrying strap
  • Beautiful neon color
  • Bouncy wheels for indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Lightweight and long-lasting
  • Intermediate level inline skates
  • Offers only a 2-size adjustment option

Final Verdict:

The affordable price with triple safety system and sturdy cushioning; Roller Derby-ION 7.2 Inline Skates are truly appreciated by the parents and kids. They have stopped worrying about the growing feet because it is offering size adjustments for up to two sizes.

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3. XinoSports-LED Illuminating Youth Inline Skates for wide feet:

XinoSports offers what’s best for their clients. Their XinoSports-LED Illuminating Youth Inline Skates are matchless as it gives thick cushioning and secure design for the wide feet. This is a US-based company which makes premium quality products.


  • TPR right-foot brake
  • LED glowing wheels
  • Rust-resistant aluminum frame
  • Versatility to 4-sizes


The triple security system gives extra grip to the foot and the outer shell is made from unbreakable material. So it gives high-quality safety to the foot. The size adjustment feature makes it the best inline skates for youth.

Firm ankle supporting frame:

The rust-resistant aluminum frame of XinoSports-LED Illuminating Youth Inline Skates gives stability to the ankle and balances the body. The ABEC-7 carbon steel bearings give a smooth ride on the rink or other outdoor surfaces. The PU-82A wheels glow when they hit the surface.

Ventilated Mesh:

This design provides ventilation to the foot so it does not get sweaty and loses grip. The toe has ventilated holes as well. Although the mesh is thick and supportive it keeps the foot dry.

  • Colors available for both girls and boys
  • Serves for both indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Offers trouble-free carrying
  • Upgraded safe system
  • Not for professionals

Final Verdict:

These wallet-friendly best inline hockey skates for wide feet are truly recommended as they can be adjusted to 4 different sizes with just one push button. It is a robust design which is going to last for years and your child won’t get bored of it.

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4. Zuwaos-Adjustable Inline Skates for wide feet:

The elegant black color of Zuwaos-Adjustable Inline Skates is a unisexual color for both girls and boys. It is designed for the feet which are wide and can’t find their appropriate size for skating. It offers 4 adjustable lengths which will help them.


  • Provides toe-cap protection
  • 4-sizes mobility
  • Thick inside lining
  • Buckle strap, magic strap, and shoelace for complete firmness


These best inline skates for beginners have a high cuff with maximum padding to keep the feet firm and safe. The length can be adjusted by a single button. The feature which attracts the kid is that wheels glow when strike against the surface and the good thing is they don’t require any battery or source.

Smoothly Engineered:

It has a rust-resistant aluminum alloy frame with PU-82A wheels and highly efficient ABEC-7 bearings. The wheel size varies as 64mm, 76mm, etc. All these are combined with great care to ensure smoothness and easy gliding on the road.

Recreational skates:

These skates have a single-foot brake on the right foot. The frame is sturdy and supports the weight of the body. Wheels are strong enough and don’t get damaged easily. This design gives long hours of skating without any muscle pain.

  • Unisexual skate design
  • Changeable single rubber brake
  • 8 illuminating wheels
  • Best gift for your kids
  • Low ventilation fabric

Final Verdict:

These are simple-to-wear inline skates that don’t need any hard science to understand. It fulfills all the features of wide feet adjustable inline skates. The price is economical; the design is durable and unisexual as available for both girls and boys.

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5. Caroma-Unisexual Inline Skates for wide feet:

The easy and fun way to burn calories is skating. It boosts stamina, mood, and confidence. But if you are scared as your feet are wider than others; you need to try Caroma-Unisexual Inline Skates for wide feet. Kids, adults, men, and women can take advantage of these best inline skates for wide feet.


  • Holes in the ankle frame
  • Anti-colliding toe protection
  • High ankle cuff
  • Breathable mesh


The Caroma-Unisexual Inline Skates for wide feet is an ideal gift you are looking for. It comes with a triple safe system, skates not only for kids but also for adults. It has a thick aluminum bracket that supports the skating body.

Indoor-Outdoor skating:

The PU-82A wheels are wear-resistant with ABEC-7 carbon steel bearings. The wheels are inserted in the tough frame. These wheels can glide on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. The outer shell of skates is hard and durable while the inner lining is soft; make it easy to skate for a long time.

Brake system:

As Caroma-Unisexual Inline Skates for wide feet is for beginners so it has a built-in brake. This is a single-foot brake so the user doesn’t get confused between the two-foot brakes at the time of pressing.

  • 3-size length adjustment
  • Lights in the wheels
  • Easily handled by beginners
  • Single right-foot brake
  • Heavy for small kids

Final Verdict:

To enjoy your weekends outdoor, skating on the rinks, and building up confidence; all this is possible by Caroma-Unisexual Inline Skates for wide feet. It is easy-to-buy and quick-to-wear inline skates. Everyone is going to love them after first use.

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6. Nattork-Beginners Inline Skates for wide feet:

The Nattork-Beginners Inline Skates for wide feet is a pair of inline skates which is going to give you the extra-ordinary features you are looking for. This is a beginner-level skating pair with robust wheels and a strong frame design.


  • Provides moderate speed because of wheel construction
  • Recreational skates
  • Breathing toe
  • Ankle support shell


Triple closure system, 45° ankle strap, and sturdy design of Nattork-Beginners Inline Skates for wide feet perfect match for your kid’s skating routine. The brakes ensure complete support until they become professionals.

Thick padding:

The padding done inside Nattork-Beginners Inline Skates for wide feet is quite much and is sufficient for the beginner to learn sating. The high ankle keeps the foot safe from bruises and injuries.

Firm design:

The ABEC-7 bearings have rebounded 82A PU-wheels which are inserted in the reinforced aluminum frame. The wheel width depends upon the size; it can be 64mm, 72mm, 76mm, etc.

  • For beginners and intermediate skilled skater
  • Simple carrying strap
  • Affordable price
  • Wheels glow
  • Fabric ventilation is not satisfying

Final Verdict:

It comes with a money refund policy and great customer care support. So you don’t have to worry about the quality and trust. Nattork-Beginners Inline Skates for wide feet is going to make your kid happy and gives them safe skating.

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7. Rollerblade-Maxxum Edge 90 Inline Skates for wide feet:

The flawless blend of durability, comfort, and safety comes with the name of Rollerblade-Maxxum Edge 90 Inline Skates. It provides full security to the foot by covering it with a hard synthetic shell.


  • Dual Ratchet buckle
  • The complete protective outer shell
  • Safe wrapping of the foot
  • Anti-torsion box


The 90mm wide wheels with 85A hardness and Twincam ILQ-7 Plus bearings help to provide the maximum speed to the skater. The frame is rigid balanced 280mm/11-inches with a low gravity structure. The frame is upgraded to 3-WD as well.

Shock-absorbing heel:

The heels of these best inline skates for wider feet have shock absorbers. They secure the ankle, knee, and back when some jerk happens because of the obstacle.

V-cut liner:

The inside lining of Rollerblade-Maxxum Edge 90 Inline Skates has a V-cut shape which gives forward flexing to the foot. The mesh is breathable which prevents sweating while skating. It has foamed shapes ankles and heels for comfort.

  • V-cut thick inside liner
  • Carrying strap
  • Hole in the shell for keeping the foot dry
  • Detachable brake
  • Very much expensive

Final Verdict:

The versatile Rollerblade-Maxxum Edge 90 Inline Skates serve for urban, fitness, recreation, and commute skating purposes. The price is high but it is providing all these categories at a single price. The long-lasting frame enhances its durability.

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8. Impala Rollerskates-Lightspeed Inline Skates for wide feet:

Girls with wide feet looking for something decent and elegant; Impala Rollerskates-Lightspeed Inline Skates is like a blessing for you. It is a completely protective and safe design with plastic covering its whole body.


  • Water-proof design
  • Stable four-wheel design
  • Dual protection of the foot
  • Thick padding


The inside padding of these skates is thick and breathable. It is quick-to-wear as it has just a cam-lever buckle and shoelace. It gives firmness to the foot. The wheels are 70mm wide and 80A hard.

Plastic body:

The body of these inline skates for wide feet is built with plastic. Even the frame in which wheels are inserted is also made with plastic. It makes the design lightweight and easy to skate.

Brake system:

The Impala Rollerskates-Lightspeed Inline Skates have no built-in brakes; it comes with separate brakes. If you want to install the brake you can install them with an Allen wrench which also comes in the package.

  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Convenient carrying loop
  • Comes with an optional brake system
  • Easy to tie laces
  • Build with plastic material which might get broken in case of injury
  • Expensive
  • Only for women

Final Verdict:

What a sweet soft pair of inline skates that is ready to roll without any complications. The price factor is a bit high but the overall performance of Impala Rollerskates-Lightspeed Inline Skates is non-negotiable. So it is worth buying.

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9. KOVEBBLE-Kids and Adults Inline Skates for wide feet:

Skating is encouraged by the parents as they see their kid is going out on a daily routine and making new friends. It is a healthy activity to carry on. But they are worried about the safety of the foot. KOVEBBLE-Kids and Adults Inline Skates are designed to ensure your kid’s safety.


  • Robust durable design
  • Protective toe
  • Reinforced aluminum frame
  • Replaceable TPR brake


These adjustable inline skates are for kids, adults, and youth as they can be set to 3 different lengths.  And each size lasts for many years. The padding from the inside is breathable so no odor can decrease your kid’s confidence level. Further details are below:

Wheel construction:

The wheel durometer is 82A with ABEC-7 bearings and a wheel size of 64mm for small size and 70mm for medium and large. The frame has a shock-absorbing quality which makes it easy to move on any terrain.

Closure system:

The KOVEBBLE-Kids and Adults Inline Skates come with the typical closure system of a buckle, strap, and fixed shoelace. It keeps the foot steady on different surfaces and does not cause any instability.

  • 3-size adjustable
  • High cuff for protection
  • Colors for girls and boys
  • Easy to buy and use
  • Not for mature skaters

Final Verdict:

It is a common design without any complications of wearing. It is affordable and comes with a secure design. It is durable and your kid will not outgrow it for 2-5 years. And different colors available make it easy to wear for both girls and boys.

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10. CLEBAO- PU High Elastic Inline Skates for wide feet:

The wide feet are no more problem for CLEBAO- PU High Elastic Inline Skates as they can be adjusted to 3 sizes and can provide you pleasant skating time without any muscle fatigue or pain.


  • 3D flying thread knitted upper design
  • Wrapping around the foot support shell
  • Toe-heightening design with anti-collision protection
  • Tear-resistant PU wheels


This model is available in many colors so it is good news for boys and girls. The triple security system increases its worth. The holes in the outer shell help in the breathing of the foot. And the wrapping of the shell around the foot ensures firmness.

Illuminating wheels:

The wheels of CLEBAO- PU High Elastic Inline Skates glow when they are used by the skaters. The high elastic PU-wheels don’t get damaged easily. The bearings are mute as well.

Lateral supporting frame:

The frame body is designed with a low center of gravity. It gives lateral support to the foot. The EVA inner lining ensures comfort for the foot. It improves the skating level with this firm support.

  • Best for beginners
  • Helps in outdoor skating
  • Detachable brake
  • Safety lock buckle
  • Can’t be used on uneven surfaces
  • Price is high as compared to other inline skates

Final Verdict:

Buying CLEBAO- PU High Elastic Inline Skates won’t give you any regressions. It is a reliable model with a friendly design. It is a lightweight and ankle-supportive design. The low center of gravity frame serves the best for beginners.

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Best inline skates for wide feet FAQS:

    1. What are the best inline skates for wide feet?

Ans: Rollerblade-Maxxum Edge 90 Inline Skates are the best 2023 inline skates for wide feet because of the amazing features of a complete protected shell, dual buckle safe system, and sturdy wheels.

     2. Are the flat feet and wide feet inline skates the same?

Ans: No, these are two different categories. People often confuse them together. The flat feet inline skates have supportive arches as their feet lack arch. The wide feet inline skates have high arches as well but wider in size.

     3. Do wheel sizes affect the speed of skating?

Ans: Yes, the wider wheels give long-skating hours with fewer efforts as compared to short size wheels.


Nowadays; every field is increasing and trying to give maximum comfort to the human. To produce the best inline skates for wide feet every brand is trying its best. After listing all of these above products; match them with the one which suits your demanding features.

To protect yourself from bruises and blisters; PAPAISON- Adjustable Inline Skates is the pair which we can recommend you as our personal choice on your insist. Rest is all up to you and your specifications.

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