Are Roller Skates Or Blades Easier

Are Roller Skates Or Blades Easier In 2023 (Complete Guide)

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Are Roller Skates Or Blades EasierSkating is not only a fun activity but it is also quite healthy because it allows you to stay active. However, there are two kinds of skates available on the market. We have the roller skates and the we have the roller blades.

Both of these are entirely different in their uses and applications and also their levels of difficulty. We have put together a complete guide comparing these two in order to help you which one will be easier for you. Let’s go!

Differences between roller skates and blades

The major difference between these two is in the wheels. The wheels of roller skates make them much more stable because they are perfectly aligned on both sides of the foot to maintain stability. This makes it easier for beginners to stand upright in these. This means that you can focus more on your skating instead of having to put too much effort on staying stable.

On the other hand, negotiating obstacles and moving in multiple directions is much easier on roller blades. This is because the narrow wheels give you greater control over the roller blades allowing you to steer them as per your wish.

Roller skates and roller blades also have different kinds of brakes. Roller blades come with brakes that require you to extend your leg and apply force on your heel. Roller skates require you to apply pressure and drag your foot simultaneously. We believe that the brakes of roller blades are easier to master for beginners as they are more of a natural motion.

Brakes: Skates vs Blades

Most roller blades have brakes on the back side of the shoe. In order to apply brakes on roller blades, you usually need to do a semi-squat by bending both your knees. While doing this, you should ensure that your torso is leaning forward and you have extended one leg out in order to apply pressure on the back-brake. This feels a lot more natural because we are used to applying pressure on our heels while walking around.

With roller skates, the brakes are placed at the front so you need to apply pressure on the front by dragging your leg behind. This can be slightly more difficult as you need to maintain balance and apply pressure downwards all at the same time.

Some roller skates also come without any brakes attached and so stopping in them is a whole other process. You need to form a t-shape with your feet by dragging one foot behind the other at a right angle. In this position, the bottom inside edge of the wheels acts as a brake and allows you to come to a halt.

Safety considerations

Both roller skates and roller blades are quite similar when it comes to safety. None of them are as dangerous as you might assume. Studies show that both of them result in almost the same number of accidents which when compared with some other skates are not too much. Beginners might be subject to a few scrapes here and there but that’s about it.

Indoors or outdoors

Roller skates as well as roller blades can be used both indoors and outdoors with absolute ease. However, some terrains are better for one as compared to the other. Roller skating results in higher speeds so it is better to practice it outdoor where you have more space.

Roller blades have small spaces between he wheels where tiny stones can get stuck resulting in accidents. For this reason, you should prefer clean roads for inline skating. Despite this, roller skates have a narrow arrangement which works best on outdoor terrains.

Roller skates can also be used indoors and especially on skating rinks because they are easier to use for beginners. We would suggest that you start off with roller skates and then move on to roller blades when you feel that you have mastered the skates.

Comfort level

This mainly depends on what kind of skates you prefer. If you want to begin learning indoors, then roller skates will prove to be much more comfortable for you. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the evening breeze and spend time with your friends, then it is better to go with roller blades.

Roller skates or blades for kids

When considering the right skates for children, you need to keep quite a few things in mind. Roller skates are of course easier to begin with because they are easier to balance. However, kids can learn very quickly, so if they are eager to learn roller blading, they will be able to do that very quickly as well. It all depends on what they prefer.

Ask them if they would like to achieve high speeds or if they are more interested in learning new tricks. For higher speeds, we would suggest roller blades. However, if your child wants to learn new moves then roller skates would obviously be the better choice for them.


We conclude, that the choice between roller skates and blades depends entirely on you. Roller skates might be easier to balance but roller blades are better at handling obstacles. You have to pick which one you prefer based on your own preferences. We hope this article helped clear your doubts. Good luck!

Are Roller Skates Or Blades Easier FAQs :

1. Is it harder to Rollerblade or rollerskate?

Answer: For beginners, roller skating is easier but roller blading can also be mastered with little effort.

2. Is it easier to learn to rollerblade or skate?

Answer: You can begin learning on roller skates and then move on to roller blades. Children are quick learners so both of them will be similar for them when it comes to difficulty level.

3. Which skates are better for beginners?

Answer: Roller skates are the better choice for beginners as they are easier to balance and their brakes are also much easier to apply.

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