Best Inline Skates Under 200

Best Inline Skates Under 200 in 2023 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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As it is 2023; both men and women want to enjoy and live freely. Skating is a hobby that can be adopted by any gender. If you are making your mind to buy inline skates then don’t get panic at the vast variety.

Some inline skates are highly expensive while others are cheap with low quality. The team we hired sorted out the few best inline skates under 200 dollars with premium quality and features.

Make sure to check the features like a built-in brake system, robust material wheels, thick padding to prevent injuries, breathable mesh to prevent sweating, etc.

As we don’t want to limit it to men or women or kids only; we made the list for all age groups and both genders. Take a look at the following top-rated 10 inline skates under $200:

Best Inline Skates Under 200

Best Inline Skates Under 200 in 2023 – Quick Comparison:



Best Inline Skates Under 200 in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. The Rollerblade- Zetrablade Adult Fitness Inline Skates:

The classic black color beauty with high-performance inline skates is provided by Rollerblade- Zetrablade Adult Fitness. These are highly cushioned comfortable best inline skates under 200 which have a strong supportive low design body frame.


  • Sturdy liner padding
  • 80mm-82A wheels
  • Firm ankle support
  • Triple safety protection


These rollerblades have a one-foot brake system which helps the skaters to maintain the speed when required. The fabric is soft and embedded in the strong frame supporting the ankle.

3-way security:

The buckle lock, hook and loop Velcro strap, and stabilized shoelace make these best inline skates safe to use by persons who love to move with the speed of the wind. It protects their foot from injuries.

Lateral support:

Not all inline skates come with a lateral support design but thanks to Rollerblade- Zetrablade Adult Fitness Inline Skates which has a design made to provide this feature. Monocoque frame provides lower center gravity to increase stability.

  • Trouble-free carrying hook
  • One foot brake system
  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate skaters
  • Indestructible frame structure
  • Only available in one color

Final Verdict:

These are the skates which men would prefer to wear as it has a protective system with a low balance frame. It provides grip on the road as produces sufficient friction between wheels and the road. We agree it comes in fixed sizes but the rest of the features are matchless. It is surely a perfect selection.

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2. The Rollerblade- Bladerunner Pro XT Inline Skates:

Skating is not only bounded to men, women also want to glide away with the wind. If you are looking for the best inline skates for women then no option is best than Rollerblade- Bladerunner Pro XT Inline Skates. These are specially designed for females as they have their body weight and stability.


  • Designed with mesh fabric
  • 45° lock buckle strap
  • Structure built with high speed
  • Extra-ordinary grip


The rubber sole wheel with a lightweight design is flawless for women who love skating. The wheels provide stabilize speed. The rest of the structure provides lateral support with a lower center of gravity.


The wheels of these inline skates have synthetic material with the bearing of ABEC-7 and 80mm width which is appropriate for beginners and intermediates skate learners.  

Comfortable padding:

The breathable fabric used for padding of these inline skates under 200 enhances skating experience and confidence. The high cuff design and padding provide maximum safety to the foot from accidents.

  • Closure safe system
  • Monocoque strong frame
  • Minimum effort demanded from the user
  • Durable
  • Pink color restricted to women only

Final Verdict:

The Bladerunner Pro XT Inline Skates are highly recommended as they are available at a good price with optimal performance and triple security. The fabric opposes the sweat in the foot. The easy carrying hook helps to carry these skates everywhere.

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3. The 2PM Sports- Cytia Inline Skates:

Finding something protective yet fun inline skates for kids under 200 that helps the kid to enjoy outdoor games, 2PM Sports- Cytia Inline Skates are at your service with their breath-taking features mentioned below:


  • One-push easy adjustment to 4 sizes
  • Interchangeable brakes
  • High cuff design
  • Lightening wheels


The high-performance 2PM Sports- Cytia Inline Skates have ABEC-7 bearings with the PU-82A wheels supplies moderate speed which can be controlled by the brakes as well. The brake is made with TPR material and is easy to interchange between right or left foot- whatever the user wants.

Light in the dark:

These inline skates show different color lights when wheels come in contact with the road. There is no battery used for this purpose. It is a self-generated process.

Closure system:

The 45-degrees buckle, strap, and lace system gives security to the foot of your kid. These are specially designed for beginners. The comfortable cushioning is done to provide safe skating time.

  • Glowing wheels
  • Ventilated mesh material
  • Many colors available
  • Provides moderate speed
  • Little heavy to wear

Final Verdict:

The adjustable to-length skates are preferable by most of the parents as the kid does not outgrow them quickly with time. So 2PM Sports- Cytia Inline Skates are going to last for many years as they have a durable quality. Also, the aluminum frame body supports the weight of your kid. It is a good choice to buy.

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4. The High Bounce- Adjustable Inline Skates:

Say bye to magic straps that get lost with time, shoelace that takes time to tie, and welcome the inline skates that have easy-to-wear design-build with buckles only.

High Bounce- Adjustable Inline Skates have two buckles to tie before you head out for skating. The robust design and reinforced nylon frame complete the construction of these best under 200 inline skates.


  • Extra-padding to provide comfort
  • Width adjustment for all foot types
  • Quick brakes
  • Provides flexible ankle movement


The ventilated inline skate design keeps the foot non-sweaty, providing a firm grip to the foot. The inside padding is thick and supportive. These lightweight inline skates boost up the kids to perform outdoor activities

Gel wheels:

Unlike the other illuminating wheels; High Bounce- Adjustable Inline Skates have super wear and tear-resistant wheels. As the sizes are adjustable; the small and medium-size have the bearing of ABEC-5 while large and extra-large has the bearing of ABEC-7.

Easy to pull:

Wearing these inline skates isn’t difficult at all. The padding is convenient and comfortable. Foot gets easily adjusted inside the frame. The dual-buckle straps make it quick to lock the foot.

  • Loop to carry the skates
  • Price-friendly
  • Long-lasting frame
  • Variety of available colors
  • Only buckle safety

Final Verdict:

Skating is a healthy activity and keeps the person active but people don’t want to spend too much money on buying skates. High Bounce- Adjustable Inline Skates comes with an affordable price and easy carrying design. Also, the brake system is very advanced. These are good value of price inline skates.

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5. Kuxuan- Lightning Inline Skates:

Kuxuan is a famous brand that makes a premium quality product that lasts long. Kuxuan- Lightning Inline Skates have a size adjustment feature of up to 4 sizes. This feature will help in not outgrowing the shoe. Make sure to check the provided shoe chart before selecting a pair.


  • Breathable toe-cap
  • Closure system skates
  • Size adjustment according to length
  • Built-in brake


The skates which can be used both indoor and outdoor, glowing wheels without the requirement of batteries, and PU82-A, ABEC-7 bearing wheel are the first choice of any buyer. Further details are below

Safe to use:

It comes with a safe design that makes it more feasible to be used by the kids as they are in the process of learning. The thick cushion provides confidence to the kid. The safety system has a buckle, strap, and fixed shoelace.

Needs less maintenance:

Kuxuan- Lightning Inline Skates does not require much maintenance. Rotate the wheels every fourth week so does not get rusty. Else keeping them clean is also very easy as the fabric is smooth.

  • Adorable 3 camouflage colors available
  • Light in wheels
  • Easy to carry hook
  • Use both indoor/outdoor
  • Fabric isn’t much ventilated

Final Verdict:

Either you have a girl or a boy; your kid is going crazy when sees this pair of inline skates. You can easily buy these amazing skate boots and present them to your kid. The total weight of boots is very less which means your kid can easily handle these inline skates. You will not regret your decision.

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6. The LIKU- Unisex Fitness Inline Skates:

Look at these fancy inline skates designed by LIKU for both male and female skate enthusiastic people. The inner lining of the LIKU- Unisex Fitness Inline Skates is easy to remove for washable purposes. The braking system is highly advanced.


  • Single piece frame
  • Removable inside padding
  • Shock absorbing feature
  • Wear-resistant aluminum alloy


The exemplary mixture of golden and black color makes this design an absolute beauty! Not only from the outlook but also the feature of this best unisex inline skates are beyond exceptional.

The PU wheels have ABEC bearings, 90A hardness, and a different configuration for four wheels like; 76mm-80mm-80mm-76mm or 72mm-76mm-76mm-72mm depending upon the size.


The Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole of LIKU- Unisex Fitness Inline Skates provides a smooth ride on the road as it has shock-absorbing gears. It keeps the knees and ankles safe.

Rust-resistant frame:

It is made with an aluminum alloy that does not get rusty quickly. This frame provides stability to the body. Also, the elastic band gives firm comfortable support to the foot.

  • Unisexual skates
  • Ventilated mesh fabric
  • Triple safety of foot
  • Affordable price
  • Fixed-size

Final Verdict:

There is no doubt or second choice for these best inline skates under 200 as the features are complete with the looks as well. The triple closure system is also amazing. The fabric provides enough ventilation. The detachable friction block is to remove in case thinned over time. It is a definite buying product. 

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7. Hiboy-Illuminating Inline Skates:

Simple inline skates with varying in size and comfortable ergonomics provided by Hiboy-Illuminating Inline Skates. The closure is appreciating as it has a 45-degrees strap, buckle, and laces. A detailed review of this product is below:


  • Switching Brake
  • Wheels built for indoor and outdoor purpose
  • Durable lightweight aluminum frame
  • Thick cushion padding


Inline skating is the best outdoor activity for both kids and adults. These best inline skates are something both will not outgrow as it has length adjustability option. Also, the thick cushioning helps to protect the foot. The skilled person can also take advantage of riding these inline skates.


The aluminum frame with PU-82A wheels, ABEC-7 mute speed bearings lightening wheels and adjustable size combines to construct the body of Hiboy-Illuminating Inline Skates.

For different age groups:

It is not only designed for kids but also the youth/ adults. As it has a length-adjustable design. The small size has urethane wheels of 64mm and the medium size has 70mm. The colors available are for both girls and boys.

  • 4 Size adjustable
  • Light in the wheels
  • Easy to carry strap
  • Comes with a warranty and money-back guarantee
  • Fabric isn’t ventilated enough

Final Verdict:

It is convenient to buy inline skates for beginners which are going to last. These are easy-to-wear boots with enough cushioning pads. The switching brakes help the user to choose and go for their strong foot. Overall, it is the best gift for your kids.

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8. Epic Skates- 125mm Engage Inline Skates:

The Epic Inline skates have a beautiful combination of black and golden, unlike other inline skates. It is good value for money inline skates that will last for years because of rust-free design construction.


  • Glass-filled plastic core wheels
  • Provides maximum maneuverability
  • Single piece composite aluminum frame
  • Mixed breathable mesh


The total weight of Epic Skates- 125mm Engage Inline Skates is 7 pounds which are easy to balance by both girls and boys. Also, the color combination makes it the unisexual skates. The skating time provided by them is safe and sound

3-wheel design:

The innovative wide and tall three-wheeled inline skates design is unique yet appreciating. The wheels are 125mm wide with 82A high rebound wheels. These wheels allow mobility both indoor and outdoor.

Thick padding:

The mesh is not enough breathable but the inner lining is quite thick enough to keep the foot safe from blisters and injuries. Also, the cuff is high and supports the ankle. The toe is safe and protected under the frame.

  • Easy to wear
  • Wheels are huge
  • Replaceable wheel frame
  • Hard-body shell
  • Length can’t be changed
  • No brakes

Final Verdict:

The single-piece frame design with a two-way closure system of buckle and shoelace is non-negotiable. It provides moderate-speed to the skater. We know that there are no brakes in these inline skates which is why it will become difficult for beginners. Rest all the factors are in favor of this product.

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9. K2 Skate- F.I.T 80 Alu Inline Skates:

The simplest yet efficient inline skates which come in the category of the best inline skates under 200 are designed by K2 skates which provide ease and comfort to their customers. It does not cause any pain or soreness to the user.


  • Quick lacing
  • Wheels provide intermediate speed
  • Brakes included
  • Moderate ventilation system


These specially built inline skates for beginners have an uncomplicated design. Even the kid can use it without the assistance of anyone else. These are soft mesh boots with thick padding.


The wheels of K2 Skate- F.I.T 80 Alu Inline Skates have the bearing of and have high performance 80mm wheels that give the perfect amount of speed and torque. The complete shoe-chart size should be checked before buying and see which size fits your foot properly.


It is blessed with a speed-lacing system that helps the user to wear the boots quickly and remove them easily as well. It is present in the high cuff at the front.

  • Front and back easy carrying loop
  • Three-way safety
  • Economical price
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Plastic frame body
  • No adjustability

Final Verdict:

If you want an outdoor activity and fitness at the same time then K2 Skate- F.I.T 80 Alu Inline Skates should be your preference. As they are simple budget skates and build for beginners. They have an aluminum frame for wheels which makes is reliable to use. Investing in these inline skates won’t be a bad option.

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10. 5th Element- ST 110 Inline Skates:

The ST-110 inline skates are purely built for the skate-lovers. No matter girl or a boy; the black color is going to cover you all. The PU wheels help to run effortlessly. It has a protective ankle frame that keeps the ankle safe from accidents and injuries. To know more about 5th Element- ST 110 Inline Skates, read below:


  • Dual buckle strap
  • Secure foot design
  • Safe toe-cap protection
  • Wheels maneuverable on tough terrain


The dual-buckle straps are easy to lock and go type design. The lace provides a more firm grip to the foot. 5th Element has experience of more than 20 years so they know exactly how to provide comfort to the user.

Aluminum chassis:

This tough body design is built with an aluminum frame that has a wheel size of 110mm and a bearing of ABEC-7. It provides a more firm grip to the skater on the road.

Triple wheel design:

This unisexual best inline skates under 200 have a separate type of design in which it has three wheels. The wheels are high and wide to provide balance to the human body. The minimum number of wheels gives maximum control on the roads.

  • Used on trails and sidewalks smoothly
  • Two-way safe design
  • Provides fast speed
  • Designed for intermediates
  • Non-removable inner padding

Final Verdict:

You will not want to spend a day inside your room once you get the 5th Element- ST 110 Inline Skates. They will you motivated to do skating until you become a professional. The wheels are strong enough to handle any type of wear or tear. It provides balance, and control to the user. These skates are highly recommended by our team.

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Best Inline Skates Under 200 FAQS :

    1. Which inline skate is best under 200?

Ans: For women- Rollerblade- Bladerunner Pro XT and for men Rollerblade- Zetrablade Adult Fitness inline skates are going best under 200 for 2023.

     2. What is the maximum speed for inline skates?

Ans: The speed inline skates can achieve easily is 8-MPH to 16-MPH depending upon the wheels, surface of the road, and level of the skater.

      3. Is the shock-absorbing feature is important in inline skates?

Ans: Yes it is. It keeps the ankle, knees, and body of the user balanced and safe. It prevents the users from ankle injuries

       4. Do switchable brakes help inline skating?

Ans: As some people have a strong right foot and some have a strong left foot. Switchable brakes help them to adjust the brake according to their foot grip. So yes inline skates with switchable brakes are preferable.


In the light of the above discussion; all the products are unique in their features and specifications. You can get the desired best inline skates under 200 very easily. These inline skates are ideal for beginners and novice learners. Still, if you want to know our final verdict then Rollerblade- Zetrablade Adult Fitness Inline skates are the name. As they are easy to handle, firm, supportive with enough cushioning. Decide by yourself according to your need.

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