Best Inline Skates For Kids

Best Inline Skates For Kids in 2023 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Are you fed-up with your kid’s screen time usage and want them to go outside and play? Skating is the best option for their physical as well as mental health. You just need to give them the best inline skates for kids which will increase their confidence level.

They must be cozy and protective so kids must feel safe and warm. Skating is not bounded to boys only; it is a unisexual sport that can be performed indoors as well as outdoor.

Inline skating is better than quad skating as it is easier to balance and glide. It helps in increasing the social life of your kid as they meet a new group of people whenever they go outside.

Some inline skates come with glowing wheels. It provokes the kid to go outside and perform skating rather than by sitting inside the room. It helps to increase the fun part and your kid will love to continue it.

If you are hunting which brand of inline skates is best then we have got plenty of options for you. We have listed different brands and designs which are the most selling inline skates for kids. Take a look below at the list and choose the best inline skates:


Best Inline Skates For Kids in 2023 – Quick Comparison:



Best Inline Skates For Kids in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. High Bounce- Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids:

The High Bounce- Adjustable inline Skates are the best inline skates for kids because of their sturdy cushioning and brake design. It provides complete security for your kid and minimizes injury chances.

It comes with an adjustable length size that means your kid will not outgrow it soon and they can even serve as the best inline skates for youth as well.


  • Unisexual size adjustable skates
  • Easy wearing without any strap or shoelace
  • Gel wheels
  • Quick brake system


It has a long cuff design that protects the foot and enough inside cushioning. High Bounce- Adjustable inline Skates is free from any shoelace or magic strap design which makes it easy to wear inline skates and has a dual buckle strap.

The frame of the skates:

These skates have a 70mm- reinforced nylon frame which has the bearings of ABEC-5 and 7 for small, medium, and large sizes.  And its size can be managed by a simple push-button.

Easy movement with flexible ankle support:

It comes with one push easy ankle gripping which provides support and comfort to the kids. The smooth gel wheels will give an easy ride on the streets and rough roads.

  • Easy to carry loop
  • Best for both beginners and advanced skaters
  • Available in many colors
  • Breathable design
  • For outdoor use only

Final Verdict:

These are the best price inline skates as they are affordable and come with all the features which we are finding in the skates for our kids. This is a safe to use design with a comfortable gripping and smooth ride even on the roads.

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2. Roller Derby- Tracer’s Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids:

From all of the fun activities; skating is the one that enlightens your mood and makes you feel like you are flying in the air. It keeps both bodies and minds active and fresh. For this purpose; Roller Derby- Tracer’s Adjustable Inline Skates introduced their best inline skates for fitness.


  • Breathable body frame
  • Plastic coated high cuff
  • Adjustable to 4 sizes
  • Washable boots with easy removing wheels


These inline skates have a length that can be adjusted according to the foot of your kid and they will not outgrow it easily. The Roller Derby- Tracer’s Adjustable Inline Skates have a brake on a single right boot but it is removable can be shifted to the left foot.

Body composition:

The polymer frame is fully ventilated and has an ankle support system.  This reinforced frame is lightweight, easy to carry, and long-lasting. The wheels have G-force 608ZB carbon bearings to provide a comfortable ride. The urethane wheels range from 64mm to 70mm depending upon the size.

Buckle system:

It has easy to wear buckle system; no more shoelace fixing or Velcro magic strap. Just the dual buckle system ensures the safety of the foot.

  • Price friendly
  • Right foot removable brake
  • For indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Tested and guaranteed by the company
  • The single closure system of buckle

Final Verdict:

Roller Derby- Tracer’s Adjustable Inline Skates serves both boys and girls as it is available in many colors. The price makes it more worth buying and the size adjustment feature makes it last longer. All these aspects make it more useful inline skates.

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3. Kuxuan- Camo Unisexual Inline Skates for Kids:

The best rollerblades for kids aren’t difficult anymore to find if you have Kuxuan- Camo Unisexual Inline Skates. This is a unique camouflage design in different colors which illuminates light when strikes the surface. These lights are automatic and don’t need any batteries or charging etc.


  • Triple closure system
  • Adjustable size from kids to youth
  • Breathable toe cap
  • Brakes for a safe ride


The aluminum frame body and PU-wheels have the bearing of ABEC-7. The size is adjustable to four different lengths. The wheels have a durometer of 80A and the small wheel size is 64mm while medium and large is 74mm.

Triple safe system:

Kuxuan- Camo Unisexual Inline Skates comes with three-way security of the foot. It has a high cuff buckle with a 45-degree Velcro strap and fixed shoelace. All these factors combine to give security to the foot.

Breathable toe:

Kids’ best inline skates are formed with a breathable toe so no sweating can occur and disturbs the grip of the foot. The air crosses and helps in the ventilation process.

  • Glowing wheels
  • Effortless carrying loop
  • Unisexual skates available in many colors
  • Affordable price
  • Emits only white color light from the wheels

Final Verdict:

These best inline skates for youth are highly recommended as they have no such disadvantage they are durable and built with a strong frame. They come at a good price and provide maximum support to your kid. It is the perfect gift for your kid which can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor activities.

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 4. 2PM Sports- Vinal Inline Skates for Kids:

If you are looking for something attractive and cool to continue as an activity then 2PM Sports- Vinal Inline Skates is an ideal choice for your kid. These are the best inline skates for beginners as they are made with all the safety measurements.


  • PU 82A illuminating wheels
  • Frame built with aluminum alloy
  • Length adjustable to 4 sizes
  • Breathable mesh and protective toe-cap


This lightweight design has an easy carrying strap which helps in carrying the inline skates when not in use. Also, the fun fact is it has glowing LED lights on the wheels they hit the road. The inside padding is comfortable and thick enough to provide warmth and safety to your kid.

Wheel bearings:

The 2PM Sports- Vinal Inline Skates has 70mm wide wheels with ABEC-7 bearings. The frame is reinforced by aluminum and is strong and stable for a smooth ride. The body frame has firm ankle support.

Size measurements:

This inline skate has three sizes and ranges from kids to youth as it has a size adjustment option for small, medium, and large size foot. Make sure to check the size chart before ordering.

  • Durable
  • Satisfying customer care support
  • Easy to carry
  • Thick inline padding
  • Plastic brakes which are not quick

Final Verdict:

The budget-friendly gift is appreciated by everyone and for this purpose 2PM Sports- Vinal Inline Skates is a blessing. These inline skates for kids will boost up their stamina and keep them active. The colors are available for both girls and boys. Your child will love it after using it as it has a triple closure system.

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5. Rollerblade- Microblade Fitness Inline Skates for Kids:

You want your kid to perform outdoor activities for a long time but afraid of injuries and concerned about their comfort level. Rollerblade- Microblade Fitness Inline Skates is the solution to this problem. As it has ample padding and cushioning that keeps the foot and ankle secure from injuries.


  • Low balance structure
  • Speed control SG3 wheels
  • Supports 3WD
  • Thick padding with breathable engineered mesh


The wheel of these best inline skates for fitness provides optimum speed and has an SG3 bearing with an 80A durometer and 72mm wide wheels. The gravity point is lowered to give a 3WD design which is upgradable to 80mm.


The Rollerblade- Microblade Fitness Inline Skates have engineered mesh that is breathable and sturdy to give extra comfort to your kid. It is a stable design that can absorb shocks because of the inner thick surface.

4-size adjustments:

It is accommodative to 4 different sizes which save the money of parents and size is easily adjustable; simple press a push-button and adjust the size of the inline skates.

  • 4 sizes adjustable
  • Built-in low center of gravity for more stabilization
  • Triple closure system
  • Toe-protection
  • Expensive
  • Wheels are only for beginners and not for experts

Final Verdict:

We agree on the fact that these best inline skits for recreations are expensive as compared to the other inline skates but the features possess by this product are matchless and make this product durable and worth buying. It provides comfort, support, and a firm grip to your kid.

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6. Zuwaos- Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids:

The best unisexual inline skates are made by Zuwaos- Adjustable Inline Skates which is a very famous brand because of their quality products. These inline skates are suitable for both girls and boys as it is available in many colors.


  • Recreation inline skates
  • Right-foot brake
  • 4-size adjustable
  • Toe-cap protection


The body of Zuwaos- Adjustable Inline Skates is made with aluminum and has 82A- PU wheels with the maximum efficiency of ABEC-7 bearings. The wheel has a width that ranges from 64mm- 76mm. This helps in easy gliding. When these wheels come in contact with the road, they glow and look cool at night.

Brake system:

It has a rubber brake on the right foot of the wheel and this is changeable. If you feel comfortable with the left foot brake then you can switch it to the left. The brakes help beginners to make a strong grip on the road.

Size adjustment:

The size does not remain the same and your kid will not outgrow these inline skates. They can use them even when they become adults. The size ranges from small, medium, large to extra large. All this can be done by a simple one push button.

  • Wallet-friendly
  • Lightning wheels
  • Three-way security system
  • Changeable brake system
  • Only for beginner and intermediate skill level

Final Verdict:

These rust-resistant inline skates are comfortable and safe to use. If you are concerned about the kid’s safety then Zuwaos- Adjustable Inline Skates is a perfect choice as it has a triple safety system that includes a high cuff buckle, 45-degree strap, and shoelace. Also, the toe has ventilated protective cap which secures the toe from bruises.

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7. WeSkate- Inline Skates Roller for Kids:

The simple yet functional inline skates are introduced by WeSkate- Inline Skates Roller. The water-proof and robust mesh of these roller inline skates enhances their remarkable performance. The skeleton of the skates is ventilated and has a breathable toe. Following are some basic features of these best inline skates for kids:


  • Unisexual skates with adjustable size
  • Soft inside padding
  • Premium quality aluminum frame
  • Strong glowing wheels


Skating is a healthy exercise that keeps the body regulated and controlled. Your kid can learn to maintain the balance of the body. WeSkate- Inline Skates Roller got your kids back with their high cuff safe design.

It has three safe systems for the foot and an easy carrying loop to carry around the inline skates. When these self-generating neon lights glow; the kid gains more confidence and enjoys the fun activity.

Rolling surfaces:

WeSkate- Inline Skates Roller can glide on any kind of surface. It is not a problem for this to roll on the wooden floor, ceramic tiles, or any other outdoor pavements or sidewalks. The thick polyester cushion will absorb any kind of shock.

Adjustable body frame:

The body of these inline skates is adjustable to three sizes and is easy to do that with a single push button. The frame is built with aluminum and wheels with long-lasting Polyurethane material. The 70mm wide wheels and ABEC-7 bearings make it useful for both indoor and outdoor.

  • Economical price
  • Lower ankle support system
  • Built-in brake
  • Works for both indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • A little heavy to carry

Final Verdict:

It is available at the best price and in different colors so you can gift the best color to your kid. Your girl and boy both can take the pleasure of joy from these inline skates. The outer shell is strong which keeps the foot safe. It is defiantly a recommendation for your kids.

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8. Chicago- Girls Training Inline Skates for Kids:

Inline skating is a hobby that can’t be restricted to boys only. Chicago- Girls Training Inline Skates makes it more colorful and joyful for the girls. It increases their interest and confidence so girls can also flow with the air.

These are quick-to-wear inline skates with a dual buckle system only. These are the best inline skates for girls as they are safe, comfortable, and easy to use.


  • High cuff cushion padding
  • Water-proof body design
  • Quick to secure buckles
  • Easy conversion between training skate to inline skate


The high and thick ankle pads help your kid to feel safe and warm. Nothing can hurt your kid’s foot while they are skating. You don’t have to worry if your kid is a new learner. The Chicago- Girls Training Inline Skates can increase their skill level. Further details of these inline skates are below:

Complete Package:

This Chicago- Girls Training Inline Skates comes with a complete package of skating. The safety precautions are mandatory to cover in case of new learners and especially for kids. It has protective knee pads, a helmet, a wristguard, and a backup. Just put all your gears in the bag and ready to rock.


Unlike all other inline skates, this Chicago- Girls Training Inline Skates has two wheels only in one boot. Only front and back wheel, while others have 3-4 wheels on skate boot. It has a 64mm wide wheel with 608z bearings. Also, the 4-size adjustable skates are helpful as they can be adjusted according to the foot of your kid.

  • A complete accessory package
  • Strong outer shell
  • Thick ankle cushioning
  • Length adjustable inline skates
  • No adjustable chassis
  • Gender-specific because of one color

Final Verdict:

If your baby girl is new to the field of skating then Chicago- Girls Training Inline Skates is an exceptional choice for her. These are affordable and perfect for beginners. It is simple to wear and has a robust outer body structure. There is no such major disadvantage of these inline skates just color restriction as blue is only for boys and pink is for girls. Other than that it is a great thing to buy.

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9. Mongoose- Inline Skates for Kids:

Looking for skate boots and not sure which one your kid will like then buy Mongoose- Inline Skates. It is a simple yet pleasant design. It is easy to wear and easy to take off. The wheels provide complete maneuverability to your kid.

If you want your kid to have a good start to a day then surprise them with these kids’ best inline skates. It will boost up their stamina and provoke them to do outdoor activities.


  • Dual straps for safety system
  • Ventilated toe
  • Adjustable to 4-sizes
  • Skinny wheels for a fast ride
  • Built-in brake


The kids deserve to enjoy their early childhood days and for this purpose, they love to do sports activities outside rather than sitting inside the house. Mongoose- Inline Skates is all you need.

You just need to spend a few cash amounts to fulfill their wish as Mongoose- Inline Skates comes at an economical price. These are the great best beginner’s inline skates.

The total weight of these skates is 1 pound.

Design of the skates:

The Mongoose- Inline Skates are made with soft fabric which is breathable and the toe has ventilated holes that prevent the foot from sweating. It has a buckle, magic strap, and shoelace stability. The design is smooth and adjustable to 4 sizes. It can give you stress-free years so your kid won’t outgrow the size.

Wheel structure:

The 64mm cast urethane wheels are built for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The thin sleek wheels help in the fast and steady ride. The ABEC-5 bearings also give a comfortable ride.

  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Comfortable fabric for a smooth ride
  • Affordable
  • Convenient for both girls and boys as available in different colors
  • The Comfort level of the foot is not up to the mark
  • Wheels need replacement after sometime

Final Verdict:

The Mongoose- Inline Skates is a good selection among other inline skates. The ankle cuff is not high enough but the rest of the features isn’t negligible. The lower ankle support shell design helps in smooth riding. And the brakes are quick which can save the kid from sudden actions and injuries. Overall, it is a nice product to choose for your kid.

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10. Fisher-Price- Grow with me Inline Skates for Kids:

Tired of all the same inline skates and wanting something unique and amazing? Try this pair of Fisher-Price- Grow with me Inline Skates. It is a blend of innovative and comfortable design. Your kid will not only learn skating but also other functions too.  Look below for more details:


  • Simple one quick buckle
  • The outer plastic body design
  • Robust small wheels
  • Wheels can be spaced apart


Help your kid to fly with the wind with Fisher-Price- Grow with me Inline Skates. It has two boot systems which mean one inner boot and the other outer shell. It is a unique design. It offers a length adjustment option so your kid will not outgrow it early. The inner inline skating boot is padded to provide comfort to the foot of the kid.

Multiple functions:

Now your kids will not only skate but also can roll with Fisher-Price- Grow with me Inline Skates.

  1. The skating can be performed when one wheel of these best inline skates is locked, it is helpful for the kids who are in a learning stage.
  2. Rolling forward; that means training your kid and help him to roll forward to get the grip on road. But it does not work in a backward direction.
  • Skating is performed by adults in both forward and backward directions.

Not all inline skates give this offer of multiple functions.

Wheel adjustment:

The wheels of Fisher-Price- Grow with me Inline Skates can be spaced apart unlike other inline skates that have fixed wheels. It provides equilibrium to the body of the kid.

  • Comes in an adorable color combination
  • Two boot design
  • 3 sizes adjustability
  • Inline skates can be adjusted according to kid skill level
  • Not a much secure design
  • Costly

Final Verdict:

The new design of Fisher-Price- Grow with me Inline Skates is highly appreciated and recommended. It is an easy-to-use design with just one quick buckle; the wheels are strong and can’t get damaged easily.  Your kid can roll on the roads and streets without any stress. The only disadvantage our team found out of this product is the price, other than that it is highly recommended for your kid who is learning inline skating.

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Buyer’s Guide

Buying inline skates for your kid isn’t as easy as shopping for an adult. As kids are growing age; their size changes every other day. The inline skates for the kids have their specifications and features which can’t be ignored by the parents.

To buy the best inline skates for kids you need to consider few points before leaving for the market so you can purchase the durable product which will increase your kid’s confidence.

        1. Length Adjustability:

Buy the inline skates which can be adjusted according to the length of the foot. As some skates have a simple push-button and size adjusted from small and medium to large. This feature is helpful and your kid will not outgrow it early.

         2. Skill Level:

There are different categories for inline skates level. Starting from beginners the list goes on to intermediate, advanced, and expert levels. Make sure to check how much your kid is into inline skating. If the kid is just taking it as fun then the best inline skates for beginners are enough for your kid.

         3. Safety System:

The safety of the kid is the priority for any activity. Inline skates which provide a triple closure system; buckle, Velcro strap, and the stable shoelace is the best option to buy. Don’t just buy any random cheap inline skates with zero safety.

         4. Wheels and body frame:

Kids are not as professional as adults, so make sure to provide extra care and protection while skating. Wheels and body frame is the main concern of inline skates. The frame must be stabilized and composite; to give a smooth and balanced ride.

The wheels for kid’s skates come with an 80A wheel rate which is useful for both indoor and outdoor skating.  It gives maximum friction on the road. So the wheels must be wide and stable to give secure skating time.

          5. Types of inline skates:

Different brands have made different types of inline skates, when you will go out you will observe different types. It includes recreational, fitness, aggressive, and hockey inline skates.

Every genre serves its purpose. Read all the categories carefully and then buy the kids’ inline skates.

          6. Lightweight and reliable:

The inline skates for the kids should be as light as a feather as a kid cannot bear much weight. If they would be heavy, a kid might feel uncomfortable. And it can decrease their confidence. To glide away with the wind; weight must be less.

Also, the product must be durable and last long for years. The robust body shell is the mandatory feature of any inline skates. Because the quality is low, there might be a chance of an easy breakage of the inline skates and no one can buy things again and again.

 Best Inline Skates For Kids FAQs :

     1. Do we need to replace the wheels of the inline skates?

Ans: Yes, the wheels need replacement after a certain amount of time. Because after using them on roads, the surface of the wheel gets damaged.

     2. How the rotation of the wheels of inline skates work?

Ans: The rotation works periodically which means the first and third wheel change places, on the other hand; the second and fourth wheel change their spots after some time.

     3. Does the closure system affect the gripping on the foot?

Ans: Yes the triple closure system is stronger than the dual system as a triple system provides comfort, grip, and support to the foot.


Considering all of the above discussion; the best inline skates for kids are available in many shapes, features, and outlooks. If you ask for our word; Roller Derby- Tracer’s Adjustable Inline Skates are going to be the best inline skates as they are reliable, safe to use with easy handling, and lightweight. Still, your child is confused and not liking them then Kuxuan- Camo Unisexual Inline Skates is going to satisfy the needs of your kid. They provide maximum comfort and safety to the kid.

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