Best Inline Skates For Men

Best Inline Skates For Men in 2023 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Skating has become a healthy habit of most men as they like to enjoy outdoor activities. No matter on which skating level they are; the best inline skates for men are going to give them a pleasant time.

As time passes by; roller skaters are changed with inline skates. And now they have become more popular. Men want to maintain their physique and keep it in shape. For this purpose, fitness inline skates are also introduced by many famous brands.

Men spend most of their time outside doing groceries or other tasks; to cover short distances, inline skating will be a really helpful and quick source for them.

Not only this; skating also helps in making new friends and increases the social level of men. Because when they go out, they meet new people and skating keeps them fresh.

So, for choosing inline skates for men make sure to check the frame, bearing, wheels, and outer shell as men are strong and heavy in weight. Considering all these features; the following is the top ten best inline skates for men list, made by our experts for your convenience. Give it a complete read to the following:

Best Inline Skates For Men

Best Inline Skates For Men in 2023 – Quick Comparison:



Best Inline Skates For Men in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. Rollerblade- Zetrablade Adult Fitness Inline Skates for Men:

Men love to keep themselves active and healthy. Skating is a hobby that they can adapt to happily. Considering their muscular body Rollerblade- Zetrablade Adult Fitness Inline Skates are specially built for them. It can keep up with their weight and balance the body frame of the inline skates.


  • Wheels built with synthetic material
  • Lower ankle monocoque support design
  • Highly cushioned inside lining
  • 80mm and 82Awheels with SG5 bearings


The stylish black color robust inline skates designed for men by Rollerblade- Zetrablade Adult Fitness Inline Skates possess all the requisite features. The four-wheel inline skates have built-in rubber brakes and 80mm wide wheels which are best for beginners.

Extra-thick padding:

Unlike other inline skates; it is heavily loaded with thick cushion padding which gives a warm and secure feeling to the foot. The cushion is thick enough to protect the foot from any harm.

Lower ankle frame body:

With a lower center of gravity and lower frame body; Rollerblade- Zetrablade Adult Fitness Inline Skates supports the weight of the men without any stress. The heavy-duty outer shell makes things easy during skating.

  • Best for beginners occasional skaters
  • Trouble-free carrying strap
  • The frame that lowers the center of gravity
  • Three-way safety system
  • Costly as compared to other inline skates
  • Not size adjustable

Final Verdict:

If you are a beginner or want to enjoy part-time skating then Rollerblade- Zetrablade Adult Fitness Inline Skates is the flawless choice for you as these are the best inline skates for fitness. It will keep you comfortable, focused and help you to fly away with the air.

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2. Rollerblade- Pro XT Inline Skates for Men:

Skating not only helps in weight-loss, and gives strength to the muscle but also increases self-confidence and helps to maintain the balance of the body. Some adults are not much into gatherings or indoor game activities. Skating is an ideal choice for them.

Just take out your rollerblades and fresh your mood with the best inline skates for adults. The Rollerblade- Pro XT Inline Skates knows exactly what you demand.


  • Compounded frame structure
  • Torn-resistant wheels
  • Breathable toe
  • Single foot strong brake


The closure system of Rollerblade- Pro XT Inline Skates is highly appreciated as it comes with a three-way security system of the buckle, 45-degree Velcro strap, and fixed laces. It has an BR 80mm wheel size with 78A hardness and ABEC-7 bearings.

Extra-ordinary control:

The advantage pro structure and monocoque composite frame of these best inline skates for beginners give full control to the men. It provides maximum stabilization to the skater.

Best for new learners:

With high cuff and extra padding; Rollerblade- Pro XT Inline Skates is an exemplary choice for beginners or persons who are trying to learn skating. The thick inside padding gives the foot a settled and comfortable feeling.

  • Safe to use
  • Highly padded
  • Trouble-free carrying strap
  • Shock-absorbing power
  • Structure with a lower center of gravity
  • Expensive and heavy
  • Comes in fixed size

Final Verdict:

If you are a new skate learner and want to start skating at medium level speed then Rollerblade- Pro XT Inline Skates is the best option for you. You want premium quality long-lasting skates then don’t show the compromise on price. These are durable inline skates so you don’t have to buy them again and again.

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3. LIKU-Black Professional Inline Skates for Men:

The LIKU-Black Inline Skates are professional skates with low structure body frames built with aluminum. The high cuff protects the ankle from injuries and holes present in the outer shell protect the feet from sweating.


  • The strong breathable outer shell body
  • Dual buckle with shoelace
  • Aluminum alloy bearing
  • 80mm wear-resistant PU wheels


The rust-resistant aluminum alloy frame of LIKU-Black Professional Inline Skates is safe to use design as it has a triple safety system and the sole has shock absorbers which does not create much impact on the knees or ankle when hit on the road.

Removable lining:

Unlike other inline skates; LIKU-Black Professional Inline Skates has fabric that is removable and washable. You can easily take it and wash it to maintain hygiene. Also, it is ventilated to keep the foot dry.

Wheel construction:

The 90A hardness of wheel secures the weight and different configuration of wheel width maintains the balance. The bearable weight is 496LB. Wheels can be replaced with each other and the configuration 76mm-80mm-80mm-76mm or 72mm-76mm-76mm-72mm can be rearranged. It also helps in maintaining the structure lower as much as possible to lower the center of gravity point.

  • The inner lining is removable
  • Sole material is made with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • High wheel design
  • Best for high strength skating activity
  • Brakes need assembling

Final Verdict:

The inline skates are for both men and women as built with a robust framework to support the weight. We can say that LIKU-Black Professional Inline Skates are unisexual inline skates. Also, the wheels don’t get damaged easily which makes it a durable product. These are highly recommended inline skates.

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4. Roller Derby- Aerio Inline Skates for Men:

In the field of skating; Roller Derby is a re-known brand that is making high performance and quality inline skates. Roller Derby- Aerio Inline Skates are their best inline skates for recreational use. The structure comes with water-proof robust material and sturdy padding.


  • Tri-coil frame of aluminum
  • Articulated outer shell
  • Right foot brake system
  • Thick padding to secure the foot


The Roller Derby- Aerio Inline Skates has a protective toe cap that keeps the toe safe and doesn’t let it get hurt while skating on the roads. The skates come with a triple safety system which has a buckle, strap, and shoelace.


The 80mm Elite wide wheels on the aluminum frame give moderate speed with Bevo Gold 7 Race rated bearings. This helps to glide over any surface. And the gold bearings provide maximum speed.

Ventilated liner:

The inside lining of these hybrid soft boot Roller Derby- Aerio Inline Skates is ventilated but thick and comfortable. It gives lateral support to the ankle and helps in skating for a long time.

  • Economical price
  • Easy to carry loop
  • Lightweight skates
  • Breathing toe caps
  • Less reinforcement for ankle support

Final Verdict:

These are the best inexpensive inline skates which are designed for beginners and intermediate level skaters. They are available in two colors. Men will feel safe to use this design and can carry it around anywhere.

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5. Rollerblade- Elite Men Inline Skates:

If you are a fun-lover and enjoy spare time skating then Rollerblade- Elite Men Inline Skates are going to give you a pleasant safe skating time. Usually male loves to perform outdoor activities rather than sitting inside the doors. So these skates are their ideal selection.


  • Highly ventilated mesh fabric
  • High cuff design
  • Built with a perfect combination of speed and control
  • Monocoque low center gravity frame


The beautiful color combination of these Rollerblade- Elite Men Inline Skates provokes the men to go out and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The brake is present on the skate which increases the confidence on the rough roads and hence puts them in the category of best inline skates for rough roads. More features are below:

360° wrap feature:

The inline skates are carefully engineered with 360° wrap fabric which is breathable and ventilated. It fits around the foot and keeps it secure by keeping it dry and firm.

The action of the wheel:

The spacious 80mm wheels with 82A hardness have the bearings of SG5 which is worn and tear-resistant. It gives mediocre speed to the skater.

  • Carry loop
  • Sturdy fabric
  • Triple security
  • Protection by three ways
  • Designed for intermediate and beginner level skaters
  • Pretty much expensive
  • Not length adjustable

Final Verdict:

What a charmer! These best men’s inline skates for the money are surely recommended by our team as it is easy to wear and gives maximum maneuverability on the roads. It keeps the foot safe and sound. The wheels are high and wide which act as perfect for the beginner’s stability.

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6. 5th Element- Stealth Performance Inline Skates for Men:

Skating is a sport that the male gender adores and wants to continue it from being a kid to a man. Considering this demand; 5th Element- Stealth Performance Inline Skates came to the market. It is built for skaters who are performing skating since childhood. These are the best inline skates for advance level as it provides fast speed.


  • Strong framework
  • Toe cap with breathing holes
  • Easy to buckle up design
  • Triple closure system


If you want to skate for a longer time then enough cushioning of 5th Element- Stealth Performance Inline Skates is an absolute choice for you. It does not cause any blister or injury no matter how long you ride. The body is made with aluminum and metal.

Stable design:

The skeleton of the 5th Element- Stealth Performance Inline Skates are built with aluminum which improves the power during skating. The 82A/84mm wheels are enough to provide fast yet smooth speed. The bearings are ABEC-7. The wheel size can be enhanced to 90mm as well.

Closure system:

It comes with a buckle, Velcro strap, and lace to give a firm grip to the foot. The laces are traditional and enhance the support. It will give the equilibrium your body needs.

  • Affordable price
  • Strong wheel design
  • Built-in brake
  • Thick padding
  • Can’t perform size adjustability function

Final Verdict:

It is going to give you fun and speed at the same time as the wheels are robust and wide. These are the recreation-type inline skates. The alluring red and black colors enhance its beauty and make it look more cool and stylish. The high cuff design protects the ankle. It is worth buying inline skates.

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7. K2 Skate- Kinetic Inline Skates for Men:

If you are looking for the simple design of inline skates which are helpful but do not demand many functions then K2 Skate- Kinetic Inline Skates is here for you. It is an easy-to-wear and ready-to-go inline skate design. The fabric is water-resistant as it has not much breathable fabric.


  • Vibration absorbent strong frame
  • The frame keeps the weight low for maximum stability
  • Provides perfect speed and spin
  • High cuff with thick padding


The four-wheel design of K2 Skate- Kinetic Inline Skates is soft, thick padded, and comfortable. The frame is lowered to the ground to balance the weight of the body. It provides maximum stability to the person while skating.

Optimum performance:

The size of the wheel is 80mm with bearings of ABEC-5 and wheel hardness of 80A. This is best for the optimum efficiency of inline skates. It gives a pleasing and fun time to the user.

Vibration absorption:

The frame of K2 Skate- Kinetic Inline Skates is composite and is interlocked with the base which helps in absorbing all the shocks and keep the foot, ankle, and knee safe from injuries.

  • Simple yet functional
  • Dual carrying straps
  • Made for beginners to intermediate skaters
  • Brake available
  • Triple secured system
  • Outer skeleton built with plastic
  • No ventilated toe-cap

Final Verdict:

This K2 Skate- Kinetic Inline Skates is a good value of money skates which helps to increase your skating level from a beginner to an intermediate skater. Its total weight is 3-pounds which is less and is a durable model. Gift these best inline skates for men and make your man happy with them.

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8. K2 Skate-F.I.T 84 Pro Inline Skates for Men:

The unique blend of neon yellow color and black of K2 Skate-F.I.T 84 Pro Inline Skates with all the mandatory inline skate feature increases its worth. The body is lightweight and durable. It gives a complete mixture of speed and spin.


  • One-pull shoelace
  • Removable brake
  • Two holding straps
  • High cuff and cushion


The 80A hardness, 84mm wheel size width, and ABEC-5 bearings of K2 Skate-F.I.T 84 Pro Inline Skates combine to form the perfect blend of inline skates for beginners and intermediate learners. The brake is present in a single foot which is removable and shifted to the other foot as well.

Two-carrying straps:

Usually, the skates come with a single or no strap design. These carrying straps help in lifting the skate boots when not in use. K2 Skate-F.I.T 84 Pro Inline Skates has two straps; one at the front and the other at back. It helps in balancing the weight of the skates while moving them from place to place and does not cause pain to the fingers.

One-pull lace:

Not like some traditional laces; K2 Skate-F.I.T 84 Pro Inline Skates has easy one-pull lace with the button. You don’t need to tie the laces every time and waste your skating time in lace fixing. Now you can enjoy stress-free skating with an easy pull design.

  • Ventilated fabric
  • Easy to use
  • Safe design with 3-way security
  • The durable aluminum frame of the wheels
  • In some cases, the brake does not remove easily
  • Plastic body frame

Final Verdict:

The K2 Skate-F.I.T 84 Pro Inline Skates are designed for men who want to learn about inline skating and enhance their confidence level to intermediate skating. It is a casual design with robust wheels and comes at a budget-friendly price. Spending money on these best men’s inline skate won’t cause any disappointment.

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9. Rollerblade- Macroblade 100 3WD Inline Skates for Men:

The distinctive 3 wheel drive inline skates introduced by Rollerblade- Macroblade 100 3WD Inline Skates are highly appreciable. This is a different model in which the body is balanced on three-wide wheels. The aluminum frame is durable and reliable.


  • 3-Wheel Drive
  • Engineered as athletic inline skate boot
  • Twin blade aluminum frame
  • On the skate brake system
  • Three-way closure system


The design provides lateral support and maximum maneuverability to the wheels so the person can spin without facing any difficulty. The high cuff and cushion design help in providing comfort to the user. These best inline skates for hockey can even be used while playing hockey because of their strong body structure. The featured detail is below:

Strong frame with twin blade lower body:

The frame is 274mm wide with 10.8 inches long which gives sufficient torque and support. The 100mm wide enough wheels which are 85A hard and have SG9 bearings combine to give maximum performance and speed. This is the reason they are used by advanced-level skaters.

Safe toe design:

The body of the Rollerblade- Macroblade 100 3WD Inline Skates has a triple closure system apart from having thick and stable cushioning.  And not only this; the toe of the inline skate is safe and is build with plastic so the user does not get any harm if any accident happens.

  • Super ventilated mesh
  • Build for fitness and recreation skating type
  • Provides lateral support
  • Easy pull shoelace
  • Expensive
  • No breathable toe

Final Verdict:

Don’t think about anything else if you have Rollerblade- Macroblade 100 3WD Inline Skates in front of you. These are the best inline skates for advanced levels. Apart from being costly; there isn’t any disadvantage of these skates that we should mention. And if you are worried about price; it is not much for buying a premium quality product that is going to last for years.

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10. VNLA-Carbon Speed Inline Skates for Men:

The eccentric style inline skate launched by VNLA is exceptional and their model VNLA-Carbon Speed Inline Skates made the skaters speechless with its high performance and efficiency. These are the lightest and fastest inline skates. The professionals and expert skaters are going to love this model as it is the best inline skates for experts. Take a look below for more details:


  • Water-proof plastic mesh
  • A mixture of both half carbon and fiberglass
  • 7000 series Aluminum frame body
  • ABEC-9 Vanilla Racing Spec bearing


The Vanilla Boot inline skates are a mixture of carbon and fiberglass with the half ratio of each component. The outer body is slippery smooth which will not let the water damage it. It is an easy-to-wear inline skate. It has a buckle, lace, and strap for the closure system.


VNLA-Carbon Speed Inline Skates has an aluminum frame body from the series of 7000. The size 1-5 has 3×100 frames and size 6-13 has 4×100 frames. The urethane wheels have a hardness of 85A which makes them useful for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Ready-to-go skates:

The VNLA-Carbon Speed Inline Skates is a less complicated design and you don’t get yourself in trouble for wearing these inline skates. You can go anywhere any time with these skates as they are multi-surface skates.

  • Available in 3 colors (Black, Green, and Blue)
  • Use indoor and outdoor
  • Works for both men and women
  • Fast and light inline skates
  • No high protective cuff
  • No ventilation in fabric

Final Verdict:

The market is introducing new brands and models; VNLA-Carbon Speed Inline Skate is one of them. People who are using these best inline unisexual skates are appreciating it. These are simple to use at high speed. The fact that it is unique and has a low cuff with minimum padding is not avoidable but these inline skates are for experts who know how to roll on roads. A low cuff helps in overcoming tricky and sharp moves.

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Buying Guide

To buy the best inline skates for men; one should have some know-how of the features and products out there in the market. As men’s bodies are different so balancing the weight on skates is important. It boosts up stamina as well so for this purpose; buy the inline skate which gives more confidence while skating rather than disturbing the equilibrium or giving any injuries.

Price is the major factor that defines the quality of the product. If you are buying the skates, don’t spend an extra ordinary amount of money on simple inline skates.

Our team of experts has made a brief buying guide to answer all your queries regarding what is the best inline skate for men? Which brand is making the best men’s inline skates? Do men have different inline skates? Etc.

Give the following helpful points a read:

        1. Wheels material:

When you are out for shopping the men’s inline skates; make sure the wheels are hard and torn-resistant. The hardness of the wheels of inline skates matters a lot for men. The hard wheels give more speed and not supported the grip of the foot and with this factor, the user can lose confidence. The hardness of the wheels is indicated by the durometer and written with alphabet A with a number.

Don’t forget to consider the size of the wheels which is written millimeter-mm. Both wider and shorted wheels can cause a problem. The optimum recommended wheel side ranges between 80mm-84mm. The wider wheels are comparatively good than smaller wheels.

          2. Bearings:

Bearings help to produce a torque that rotates the wheels. They are measured and written in ABEC. When the number is high means wheels are giving more result in speed with minimum resistance and helps in maintaining the speed according to the surface.

           3. Outer shell:

The outer body of the men inline skates must be robust and strong to handle the weight of the men while skating on rough roads. The hard outer shell gives stability to the user. The outer shell gives lateral ankle support and holes help in the ventilation process to keep the foot dry.

Some models come with breathable toes which help in keeping the foot dry. Also, new protective caps for the toe, keep the toe safe without any stress or injury.

             4. Skating level:

Buy the inline skates according to your skill level. As there are advanced and experts inline skates that can cause harm to beginners or even intermediates. Make sure to buy the one which suits your skating level.

And if you are a part-time fun skater then don’t spend extra money on expensive inline skates. Buy simple inline skates for men, which come at an affordable price, and enjoy your spare time.

               5. Liners:

The inside cushioning matters the most for inline skates. A high cushion means a more comfortable foot. It keeps the foot safe from any bruises and blisters. Also, the thick cushioning promotes longer skating times as it does not cause any muscle fatigue or pain.

               6. Closure system:

The best inline skates are those which have a dual or triple closure system. It helps in feeling the foot more and secure. The triple system has a buckle, strap, and lace. All these three systems combine to form a flawless security system. Gives your foot a snuggling relax time.

Best Inline Skates For Men FAQS:

    1. Which is the best inline skate for men in 2023?

Ans: Rollerblade- Pro XT Inline Skates as they have composite structure and wear-resistant wheels.

     2. Which is better to choose buckle or lace for inline skates?

Ans: Both have their pro and cons, it depends on your choice. Lace gives firm grip and stability to the foot while the buckle is easy to tie and consumes less time.

      3. Does wearing a sock during skating is helpful?

Ans: Yes it does, as it absorbs sweat but make sure to wear a breathable sock. Socks help in the prevention of sweating. Also, it helps in not causing any blisters if in case your foot isn’t comfortable in the skates.

        4. Do the wheels of inline skates needs lubrication?

Ans: Yes; after every few weeks of using or no using lubricate the wheels thoroughly. And after that rotates the wheels. It helps in increasing the life of skates. It keeps wheels fresh and alive so one can enjoy a smooth ride. And the product will become durable.


Wrapping up the whole discussion; men have their demands and need for the inline skates that’s why they have their category. They need strong and durable designs. The entire above products have their features and all are chosen carefully. Read the buying guide thoroughly and then choose the product which suits you best.

However; K2 Skate-F.I.T 84 Pro Inline Skates for Men and Rollerblade- Zetrablade Adult Fitness Inline Skates for Men are targeting the market with their amazing features and specifications. They are economical, comfortable, and reliable inline skates. Rest is your choice to choose!


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